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22 Apr 2017

We got it done, Captain Jellico! Here are our Observations in TNG: "Chain of Command I" in SD and HD screen caps. The complete HD screen cap gallery of the episode is available at TrekCore.

17 Apr 2017

A couple of new orthographic CGI views from the Official Starships Collection: Class J, Medusan ship, Raven, Antares, Relativity and a few more. Thanks to Jörg for bringing these to my attention.

15 Apr 2017

Here are my reviews of two more Voyager season 3 episodes: "Displaced" and "Worst Case Scenario".

14 Apr 2017

Marten van Wier reviews the issues #6 and #7 of Star Trek Early Voyages by Marvel Comics.

10 Apr 2017

See the exocomps, the particle fountain, several graphics and other details in SD and HD in our Observations in TNG: "The Quality of Life". Our friends at TrekCore have the complete HD screen cap gallery of the episode.


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