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18 Feb 2018

Update of the Links page.

12 Feb 2018

Here is my review of the Discovery season finale "Will You Take My Hand?". As the war comes to an end, the series prepares to start over again without some of its used up characters. But hopefully with more of the old Star Trek spirit that barely survived 15 episodes of Discovery.

New Poll: Rate "Will You Take My Hand?".

05 Feb 2018

My review of Discovery's penultimate season 1 episode "The War Without, The War Within" is ready. The story is about various character reunions and about a daring plan, but the latter more on a side note.

New Poll: Rate "The War Without, The War Within".

31 Jan 2018

I have added some 200 HD screen caps from Star Trek Enterprise to various Galleries, such as of Other Federation Members. Please follow the signs to see what's new.


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