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30 Sep 2016

Update in the article on Redresses of the Akritirian Patrol Ship. Jörg investigates why very similar designs show up in other science fiction series.

22 Sep 2016

A new story by Travis Anderson in the Tales of the SID series: Collaborators. Multiple assassination attempts across allied lines with old intertwined enemies claiming responsibility, the triangle of attempts stretches between the Federation, member world Bajor, and the Cardassian Union. Every world seems a victim as well as a potential threat. The SID is brought in to sift friend from foe.

14 Sep 2016

The premiere of the new Star Trek series Discovery has been moved from January 2017 to May 2017. Well, I can wait a few more months.

10 Sep 2016

The latest episode of the fan film series Star Trek Continues: "Embracing the Winds". Here is my review.


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