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16 Nov 2015

Two more game reviews by Andrew Friden, of Starfleet Command and Star Trek Pinball.

14 Nov 2015

Here are four new ship designs in the Journal of Applied Treknology.

08 Nov 2015

Here is a new story: Encircled by Travis Anderson. Feeling a noose tightening around them, the Maquis cell on Ronara Prime struggles with Federation and Cardassian threats all around. Including a potential strategic development that would change the balance of power in the Alpha Quadrant.

02 Nov 2015

CBS Television has just announced that a new Star Trek TV series will be launched in January 2017. Where do you expect the new series will be set?

I have also set up a page for news about the new TV series, which (like all static EAS pages) allows commenting.

26 Oct 2015

Here are two new game reviews by Andrew Friden, of Star Trek ConQuest Online and Star Trek: Hidden Evil.


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