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23 Jul 2016

Updates the first articles with Information from "Star Trek Beyond": Homosexuality in Star Trek, The New Enterprise Design, Kirk's Ripped or Removed Shirts.

On today's Star Trek panel at Comic-Con Bryan Fuller unveiled the name of the new series - it's Star Trek Discovery! The teaser trailer shows us the lead ship, the USS Discovery NCC-1031, leaving an asteroid base. The ship design is clearly based on the Enterprise design by Ralph McQuarrie for the never produced film "Planet of the Titans".

21 Jul 2016

Full spoilers ahead. Here is my review of "Star Trek Beyond". Did I mention full spoilers?

Feel free to submit your own review of the latest movie.

I will gradually include information from "Star Trek Beyond" to all sections of the site. If you don't find at EAS something you noticed in the movie, please only contact me if it is something not yet discussed in the various forums and social media.

18 Jul 2016

Many images in the Galleries are shown in higher resolution now, such as the alien weapons and other photos from The Art of Star Trek. I scanned them as long as 15(!) years ago, using a professional scanner that did a better job than anything available today, but had to reduce them in size because of bandwidth concerns. Since this is no longer an issue, I sifted through the archive of the original scans. This is a work in progress and may not encompass all scans but only those with considerable potential for improvement.


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