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Supplemented the Starship Database with more vessels from the Delta Quadrant.

I have created a small exhibition of some of my early attempts to draw starships for your amusement.

Read the review of "The Catwalk".

Check out various alien ships (for instance, of the Talarians and other Alpha Quadrant races) on the new pages of the Starship Database.

Furthermore, I have reviewed "Precious Cargo".

Merry Christmas to all visitors!

Read the Christmas Special of Star Trek Renegade.

Thanks to My Domain for their award!

Finally, I have modified the feedback form to PHP sendmail. It now works properly with any browser.

Smaller updates in many sections, including shield inconsistencies and lifeboats of the Constitution refit.

The Starship Database has been corrected and supplemented with he newest available information.

There are also some new images in the ASDB, mostly of the Antares and the Korolev.

Finally, I have reviewed "Singularity" and "Vanishing Point".

See updates in the Wolf 359 section and the Starship Database with new information and images of the Excelsior study models.

Important: Please note that I won't see Nemesis until January. I won't comment on it until then, and I would not like to be spoiled.

Mozilla Mail Massacre (Part III). I apologize to all who tried to contact me in vain on December 12th. I will ditch the program and watch out for something else, if only I manage to convert the e-mails.

On a completely different note, I may have more time for my hobbies again now that I have defended my Ph.D. thesis.

Please take part in the new poll, now with a PHP script running on my server.

Important notice: After a catastrophic failure of Mozilla, once again all my e-mails in the Inbox are gone. Please contact me again, but only if you don't receive a reply soon. Thanks to the idiots at Mozilla and to the other idiot who sent me the 4MB e-mail that caused the whole disaster! Now for the more pleasant news.

New in the Starfleet Museum: Several ship emblems, mostly of the Paris and Gagarin classes, preview of the article about Starfleet stations.

Congratulations to Original Trek, winner of the EAE Award for December!



Read Episode 1.7, "Alone", of Star Trek Renegade by J. Grey.

There are some additions to the JoAT, as well as a couple of new ship images from the Delta Quadrant (page 1, page 2).

Reviews of "Marauders", "The Seventh" and "The Communicator" are ready.
Several sections have been updated with the new information from the episodes.

Read "Bloodhunt", a new Voyager story by Travis Anderson.

I have added more Delta Quadrant ships to the Starship Database, plus a page explaining the structure of the database.

I have begun to complete the Starship Database, beginning with the more prominent ships from the Delta Quadrant.

There are also some new images by J. Grey in the Renegade ship gallery.

Episode 6 of Star Trek Renegade is entitled "Latent Image".

New in the Starfleet Museum: articles about the Gagarin class and Paris class.

The EAE Award for November 2002 goes to Trekpulse. Congratulations!



Added the new ships from "Carbon Creek" and "Minefield" to the database. Further observations and corrections are welcome.

I had to remove from the link list a couple of sites which are gone. Sadly, The Trekker is among them and is not supposed to return.

Reviews from "Carbon Creek" to "A Night in Sickbay" are ready.

The Starfleet Museum has improved images of the Moskva, Lancaster etc. and previews of the new Gagarin and Paris classes.

I have created a page about the Qualor II surplus depot. Thanks to The Red Admiral for the screen caps.

Finally, there are new bridge images of the Pasteur and the Impostor ship.

Important notice: Due to a catastrophic malfunction of Mozilla, my e-mail Inbox of today is lost. Half of it was spam anyway, but please try again if anyone wanted to contact me.

After an away mission of two weeks, I am slowly catching up with answering e-mails, while the next site updates are already finished. Part one is composed of some additions to the JoAT and a couple of new ship images from Star Trek Renegade by J. Grey.

Enjoy Episode 1.5, "Blood is Thicker than Water", of Star Trek Renegade by J. Grey. The EAE Award for October 2002 goes to Maritime Science Fiction Modelers and Erick's Models. Congratulations!

Thanks to Gilso for the scans of the NX-01 bridge and sickbay, and to Christopher Skaggs for the Centaur images.



EAS has won the Trekpulse Award. Thanks a lot to Robert Gallagher!

Added a gallery with ships of Star Trek Renegade.

There is also a review of "Shockwave", an article about the time travel in the episode and an entry for the Vulcan ship D'Kyr.

Try my new site search engine, now installed on the EAS server.

ASDB update with new stuff on various pages, including a redesign of the Korolev class by Jason and Kris, other new drawings of the Antares, Apollo and Rigel by Kris, plus a few renderings by Kenny.

The Wolf 359 Project has been completely revised and updated with several new screen caps and other evidence. Thanks a lot to Nick Angeloni and The Red Admiral who provided most of the new stuff!

Gallery update with about 90 new pictures, mostly of TNG and DS9 characters.

The next Wolf 359 update on the New Orleans page. Thanks to Nick Angeloni!

Some additions to the Niagara page. Thanks to Masaki! More updates to Wolf 359 are on the way.

Also, I have installed Mozilla 1.1 lately and written down some experiences.

We shall never forget.

Read the episode Renegade: Viscous Circle by J. Grey.

I have installed an Add Your Link script. Feel free to add any site you like. Please report to me any problems you encounter.

If you can read this, then the server move was successful.

Important notice: EAS is moving to another server. This should be possible without down time, but just in case problems should occur, don't worry.

Titan Fleet Yards wins the EAE Award for September 2002! Congratulations, Harry!

See also new 3D models of my Kremlin class, Mercury class and Asia class by Jan Wehlack.



See the second part of the JoAT update, with new designs and technology in most of the sections.

There were so many submissions to the JoAT lately that I had to postpone part of them. For now, I have added some new personal equipment, technology and considerations about artificial brains. The rest will follow in a couple of days.

There are some additions and corrections in the Starfleet Museum too, in particular to the article on 23rd Century Carriers.

Finally, enjoy the third episode, Renegade: Just Below the Surface by J. Grey.

Oh, and please take part in the new poll about Trek villains.

Several new features and updates this weekend. In the Starfleet Museum, Masao has finished the article about 23rd century carriers and fighters, with many images.

Thanks to Thomas Pemberton who built a fabulous 3D model of my Mercury class.

I have incorporated new ship renderings by Mark R aka The Red Admiral into the Wolf 359 section.

The fan fiction section has been updated, including the final chapter of Star Trek: Trio by Paul Redford.

Finally, I have improved the Treknology Encyclopedia with better images and illustrations.

I have added or updated a couple of links.

Außerdem gibt es noch einen übersetzten Artikel über die Technologie des 22. Jahrhunderts - Teil 2.

The EAE Award for August 2002 goes to The Computer Core Dump. Congratulations!

New fiction: the chapters 7,8 and 9 of Star Trek Trio by Paul Redford and the episode Renegade: Relations by J. Grey.



Read about the inconsistencies of Spaceflight and 21st Century Earth History. Not many new arguments here, but finally everything on one page.

I have installed a new poll for a test phase. Please take part in my survey about visitor behavior.

The Journal of Applied Treknology is featured as Pick of the Day at Yahoo and as Hot Site at USA Today! We have taken the opportunity and made a few updates, including some interesting items in the new category of Misc. Technologies. Attentive visitors may notice that we have removed several cut&paste starship designs from the database. Our apologies to those who submitted them, but please understand that we do want to achieve a high standard of originality.

EAS and Bravo Fleet, one of the most popular RPG groups on the web, are now partner sites.

Thanks to Peters Star Trek Universum and Starbase 83, who have awarded EAS!

Read the chapters 5 and 6 of Star Trek Trio by Paul Redford.

Thanks to Alexander Hartmann for new drawings of the Y class and the Norway class.

If you haven't already seen it, head over to Trekweb for an interesting interview with Rick Sternbach.

There are several new uniforms in the Gallery. I have also compiled a new tutorial with some 2D design tricks.

I have decided to give the EAE Award for July to To Boldly Go - The History of the Enterprise. Congratulations to webmaster Nick Angeloni, and Happy Independence Day!



Episode 1.1, "Adjustments", of Star Trek Renegade by J. Grey is complete. Star Trek Trio by Paul Redford is updated with two more chapters.

New ships from "Nemesis" in the Starship Database (spoilers!).

Update of the JoAT. Please follow the signs. Thanks to all contributors!

Important notice: I was hoping to restore my now defunct e-mail soon, but Strato is still holding my .de domain hostage. Please delete it from your address books and direct requests only to the GMX address.

The winner of the EAE Award for June 2002 is Trekplace. Congratulations to webmaster Greg Tyler!

Until further notice, I will be online only on weekends. I'm asking all visitors to send me only *important* requests and have patience, as currently around 200 e-mails accumulate every week.



Read the review of "Two Days and Two Nights" and the time travel comment on "Shockwave I".

New in the Starship Database: Federation Probes.

I have updated the Journal of Applied Treknology with several new designs. You can now alternatively reach the site under its own domain,

The ASDB has been updated. Part of its content has been moved to a new site, called the Journal of Applied Treknology. The new site is taking over all design submissions and off-topic designs from the ASDB and will offer visitors the opportunity to present their work in more detail than presently. Note that some parts of the site are still under construction.

I have finally completed my Voyager reviews.

I have added or modified countless links and updated the review of free web hosting.

Chapter 10 of Star Trek Renegade by J. Grey is complete. There are also two chapters of a new novel, Star Trek Trio: The Maquis Revenge by Paul Redford.

Thanks to Star Trek Clan Directory where EAS is Site of the Week.

In an Enterprise Marathon with "Detained", "Vox Sola", "Fallen Hero" and "Desert Crossing" I have finally managed to catch up with my episode reviews. The second half of the first season is on a separate page now. Other parts of the site are updated with the new information contained therein.

Welcome to the new Subspace Comms Network! Thanks to Infopop for hosting the board.

Chapter 9 of Star Trek Renegade by J. Grey is online. There are also two more stories, the episode Dark Matter and the short story Romulan Command.

Update to the Starship Gallery with 45 new images. Please follow the and signs.

I have updated EAS Today and added a summary of my struggle against Strato.

The winner of the EAE Award for May 2002 is Trek Brasilis. Congratulations! I have also updated several links and added some musings about EMH backups.

Ex Astris Scientia is back, thanks to generous help from Jak Crow of who allows me to use his server. Cordial thanks! Thanks also to the many people who have affirmed me their support and who have offered me hosting alternatives. I may not have much time for updates in the next few weeks because I'm going to sign up for a new job. Anyway, new features will come sooner or later.



EAS is going down because my webspace provider Strato terminated the contract with fabricated assertions against me. Notwithstanding a possible lawsuit against Strato to continue with web hosting according to their conditions, I need to find a new web host. The website will probably go offline on May 1st.

Eröffnung der neuen Community bei meinem Partner Voyager Center. Jeder Teilnehmer erhält ein eigenes Quartier, eine persönliche Homepage, kostenlose E-Mail und viele andere Vorteile. Zur Vorschau und Anmeldung geht's hier.

Chapter 8 of Star Trek Renegade by J. Grey is complete. There are also a few new TNG reviews of season 5.

Read Chapter 7 of Star Trek Renegade by J. Grey.

There are some new or corrected diagrams of the
DS9TM Kitbashes.

The Starfleet Museum has been updated. Enjoy the previews for the Constitution class and the Al-Burak-class carrier, see new scenes of the Hyperion, Siegfried and other ships, as well as several new ship patches.

Chapter 6 of Star Trek Renegade by J. Grey is complete.

I have reviewed "Oasis" (rating: 1 of 10).

Congratulations to Lee Kelly! His site, Phasers, wins the EAE Award for April 2002.

I have reviewed "Acquisition" (I know I will have to split the page because it is becoming too long).

Schließlich gibt es noch einen übersetzten Artikel über die Technologie des 22. Jahrhunderts. Fortsetzung folgt.



Happy Easter! Chapter 5 of Star Trek Renegade by J. Grey is complete. Stealing the Fire of Heaven by Paul Cleveland is another new novel (chapters 1 and 2 available so far).

There are three more TAS reviews.

I have added missing chapters to the Special Investigations Division series by Travis Anderson.

Update to the ASDB, with 46 new images, among them proposals for ship classes, off-topic designs and visitor submissions. There are also new ship patches and a couple of updated 3D views on several pages. One note to the contributors: Please check if the credits are correct, as I may have made errors when tracking the origin of so many designs.

EAS presents a new novel series, Special Investigations Division by Travis Anderson.

Read Chapter 4 of Star Trek Renegade by J. Grey.

There is also a new review of "Rogue Planet".

I have begun to review TAS episodes
. Although I don't take TAS into account on this website, some of them are quite interesting.

After a long time, here is a new version of the Federation Fleet Chart. Thanks to all contributors!

Here are the long-awaited photos of
The DS9TM Kitbashes and our thoughts on the designs.

There are small changes in several sections. Thanks to Alexander for his drawing of the Niagara class.

Thanks to Ultimate Enterprise where EAS is Site of the Month.

Read Chapter 3 of Star Trek Renegade by J. Grey.

Now in the Starship Database: Borg Starships. Thanks to the guys at Flare for their help!

I have reviewed "Fusion".

Based on new photos of the actual models, I have begun to retouch the official schematics of the DS9TM kitbashes, beginning with the Centaur and the ugly Intrepid/Constitution.

Furthermore, there is a new review of "Shuttlepod One".

Today, I'm expecting visitor No. 1,000,000 since I have a counter. See Chapter 2 of Star Trek Renegade by J. Grey.

I have added a couple of reference images to the Starship Database. In addition, there is surprising new information about the six DS9TM kitbashes. Until we will write up a fully fledged article, please refer to the entries in the database. Thanks to Mark Delgado for the research.

Finally, I have reviewed "Shadows of P'Jem", and I found it appalling.

Inspired by a Montblanc ball pen, I updated the Hercules class. I am aware of the similarity to a certain official vessel, but my design is much older. :-D

Now in the Starship Database: Dominion Starships.

I have also added stories by Tobias Heintz to the Fan Fiction section (in German).

The Everlasting Klingon Battlecruiser - is there really one design for 225 years?

Congratulations to Antares Project, winner of the EAE Award for March 2002!

Thanks to JuPiter Station for awarding the Galactic Award to EAS!

I have also added and updated a couple of links.

Now at EAS: Fan Fiction, with stories submitted by visitors. The special feature is the novel Star Trek Renegade by J. Grey. Expect a new chapter every week.

Thanks a lot to Commander Tomalak for his award!

Continuing with the series of TMP-era designs, see my refined version of the Benjamin Franklin-class light cruiser.



See my Indus class, an ugly tanker I sketched up in only six hours.

There are several new images and ship patches in the Starfleet Museum.

Furthermore, I have added DS9 reviews by Luther Root (more to come soon).

Finally, there is a new page about Enterprise continuity issues.

I have added considerations about Propulsion & Navigation, Weapons & Tactics and Other Technology to the Inconsistencies.

It seems no Trek site is complete without a list of the ships named "Enterprise" in these days, so I have compiled one.

There are also two new bridges (Excelsior and K't'inga) and some minor additions in the Gallery section.

My Bolivar class has been redesigned, and the design of the Mercury has been significantly improved. Thanks to Elite Force for their award!

Read my reviews of "Dear Doctor" (rating: 5 out of 10) and "Sleeping Dogs" (4/10).

New in the Starship Database: Federation Shuttlecraft.

There are also two new reviews, of the two Star Trek periodicals I receive regularly.

Finally, congratulations to, winner of the February 2002 EAE Award!



Read my reviews of "Q2", "Author, Author" and "Friendship One".

Late as usual, here is my review of "Silent Enemy".

Have A Close Look at Enterprise NX-01, with information on the ship' s (possible) capabilities provided by Doug Drexler.

EAS is online for four years today. Thanks to all who have supported and encouraged me in the past!

Furthermore, thanks to Alpha Command who have given me their Gold Award!

There are a couple of new images in the Starship Gallery (such as NX-01 and other early vessels, Delta Flyer cutaway) and in the other Galleries (NX-01 crew, aliens), including the bridges of the Relativity, Groumall, Phoenix and Romulan BoP.

See some new designs in the ASDB. Thanks to all contributors!

I have revised my commentary on the "Akiraprise". Thanks to the visitors who brought some errors and inappropriate language to my attention.

Big update in the Starfleet Museum. Everything about Klingon cruisers of the 22nd and 23rd century.

New: A Close Look at 22nd Century Technology.

The EAE Award for January 2002 goes to Starship Schematic Database and Gilso Star Trek Schematics. Congratulations!

Happy New Year! There is a new voting at Trekkers Guide. Please vote for EAS.

Den deutschsprachigen Besuchern möchte ich noch den Rückblick Trek 2001 bei Voyager Center empfehlen.


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