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Partner Sites

As special recommendations, here are the banners of my partner sites, in no particular order.


Star Trek Dimension

My friend Christian is a great Trek fan who likes to write incredibly long e-mails. ;-) He has created a huge and profound compendium of various Trek information.


Star Trek Beyond
Jason Colbert is a great artist and has become a good friend since our intensive work on the ASDB project. Jason and his brother Scott have created their own Star Trek series.


Spock's Mind

Katja's site is probably the best place dedicated to TOS and everyone's favorite Vulcan. This is why I gladly agreed to an alliance with her.


TrekCore is known for its huge screen capture archive, professionally designed and maintained by a crew committed to present always the best in multimedia.


Star Trek HD has the latest news and detailed reviews of the Blu-ray releases of Star Trek series and movies (in German) .



Everyone knows the probably most important props of Star Trek, but rarely anyone cares about them in such great detail as Lee Kelly does. A must-see.



Sean's LCARS Computer Network is a site that keeps impressing me, from the huge amount of content to the authentic and technically perfect recreation of the original LCARS layout with Flash.


Antares Project: Legacy

Antares Project: Legacy is the revival of the Antares Project, which was already a partner site of EAS around 2001.



SciFi-Online, maintained by my old pal CX, is a growing portal for fan fiction set in various universes.


Starbase 400

The new independent RPG site of FAdm Bremer, formerly with Bravo Fleet.


Federation Starship Datalink

Hobbes has helped me a lot with several topics on my website, and vice versa. His FSD is an extensive starship site with an excellent sense for graphic design.


The Gigantic Collection of Star Trek Minutiae

Dan's collection of documents about Star Trek history, technology and fun is as extensive as the site title suggests.


I'm a work'n on it

Thomas is a very skilled 3D artist who built several starship models for EAS and the Starfleet Museum. He also helped me a lot by providing webspace for my galleries. Visit his personal portfolio.


Flare Sci-Fi Forums

The predecessor of the Flare Forums was the place where I first met other dedicated Treknologists. Flare can be best described as the home of advanced Trekking.


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Last modified: 15.08.14