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All biographical data as of VOY: "Endgame" (2378).


Kathryn Janeway

Species: female human
Birthday: May 20
Place of origin:
Indiana, North America, Earth
Father: Admiral Janeway (deceased)
Sister: Phoebe
Marital status: single, previously engaged
Played by Kate Mulgrew

Commander of USS Voyager. In 2371, the Starship Voyager, with Janeway and her crew, was abducted and swept into the distant Delta Quadrant of the galaxy, some 70,000 light-years from home, where they were essentially stranded. After the destruction of a Maquis ship that had also been abducted to the Delta Quadrant, Janeway accepted the Maquis crew aboard her ship, and invited its commander, Chakotay, to become her second-in-command. Janeway's courage and leadership were instrumental in the survival of her crew as they made a long and difficult journey back to the Alpha Quadrant (VOY: "Caretaker").

Janeway, whose father was a Starfleet admiral (VOY: "Coda"), grew up in Indiana on Earth, where summers were warm and humid. Janeway loved to ski (VOY: "Macrocosm"). When she was young, Kathryn's parents took her and her siblings on camping trips, but she never did like camping, as she was very much a child of the 24th century (VOY: "Resolutions"). Young Kathryn loved the holographic Adventures of Flotter (VOY: "Once Upon a Time"). Kathryn had a sister, who was the artist of the family (VOY: "Sacred Ground"). Kathryn loved music, but never learned to play a musical instrument, a fact that she regretted in her adult life (VOY: "Remember"). As a child, one of Janeway's heroes was noted 20th-century Earth aviator Amelia Earhart. In later years, Janeway would recall that Earhart was one of the inspirations that led her to join Starfleet (VOY: "The 37's"). Janeway enjoyed tennis when she was in high school, although she did not play the game again until 19 years later when she commanded the Starship Voyager (VOY: "Future's End"). Janeway was close with her father, and grieved deeply after his tragic accidental drowning in 2358 (VOY: "Coda").

Early in her career, Janeway served as science officer aboard the USS Al-Batani. Janeway was a lieutenant on an away mission during the Cardassian border conflict. Although decorated for her military success, she would be most proud of saving the life of a wounded Cardassian soldier (VOY: "Prey"). While serving aboard the USS Billings as a commander, Janeway blamed herself for a shuttle accident in which three crew members were injured (VOY: "Night"). Janeway met Tuvok for the first time when he criticized her in front of three admirals for her tactical failings in her first command assignment, although she later had to admit that his criticism was justified (VOY: "Revulsion").

Against Chakotay's resistance and against Federation laws and standards, Janeway formed an alliance with the Borg against a new threat known as Species 8472 (VOY: "Scorpion"). After the victory over Species 8472, one member of the Borg Collective, Seven of Nine, remained on Voyager. Janeway, with medical help from the Doctor, successfully managed to free her mind from the Collective and subsequently supported Seven in regaining her human nature and instincts (VOY: "The Gift"). Janeway endangered the ship and crew to save Seven, when she had left the ship, following the voice of the Collective (VOY: "The Raven", "Dark Frontier"). She permitted herself to be temporarily assimilated into the Borg Collective in order to save a resistance movement that had formed in the virtual environment known as Unimatrix Zero (VOY: "Unimatrix Zero"). Janeway, with the help of a future version of herself, performed a devastating strike on the Borg infrastructure in 2378, in the course of which the ship found its way home through the Borg transwarp network (VOY: "Endgame").

During her off-duty hours aboard Voyager, Janeway enjoyed participating in a gothic romance holonovel set in old England on Earth (VOY: "Cathexis"). She later discovered a different holographic program, a re-creation of the famous Renaissance artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci (VOY: "Scorpion", "Concerning Flight"). She had already built some of his models when she was a child (VOY: "The Raven"). Captain Janeway was an accomplished pool player. She considered coffee to be an essential part of her lifestyle (VOY: "The Cloud") and had a particular weakness for coffee ice cream (VOY: "Persistence of Vision"). She enjoyed knitting, and in 2372, made a monogrammed blanket for Ensign Samantha Wildman's newborn daughter. The luxury of a hot bath was probably Janeway's favorite form of relaxation (VOY: "Resolutions"). Kathryn Janeway was not fond of cooking, and even her replicated meals often went awry (VOY: "Ashes to Ashes", "Workforce").

Prior to Voyager's disappearance, Janeway had been romantically involved with Mark Johnson, who took care of Molly, her pet Irish Setter (VOY: "Caretaker"). In 2374, she learned that Mark had married his coworker, believing that he would never see Kathryn again (VOY: "Message in a Bottle"). In stardate 48546, Janeway sought Chakotay's help in experiencing a vision quest in search of her personal animal guide (VOY: "The Cloud"). In 2372, Janeway seemingly crossed the Warp 10 barrier, causing her to mutate into an amphibious creature. Fortunately, the Emergency Medical Hologram was able to reverse the mutative process. While mutated, Janeway and Paris mated, producing three amphibian children that they left behind on a planet in the Delta Quadrant (VOY: "Threshold"). Janeway became afflicted with a potentially fatal viral disease in 2372 after accidental contact with an insectoid life-form on a planet in the Delta Quadrant. Extensive research determined that the condition could remain benign as long as she remained on the planet, but that she could not survive if she left. Voyager officer Chakotay was also stricken with the disease. Determined that her people should not sacrifice their chance to return home, Janeway ordered her ship to continue their voyage, leaving Janeway and Chakotay behind. On the planet, Janeway found life was made more pleasant by Chakotay's support and his wilderness skills. After several weeks, Voyager's crew, with the aid of Vidiian physician Danara Pel, was able to obtain an antiviral medication, and they returned to successfully treat Chakotay and Janeway. Chakotay and Janeway grew closer during their time alone together on the planet (VOY: "Resolutions"). In 2375, she successfully used her female charm to elude the Devore Empire, after the Devore inspector Kashyk had sought asylum on Voyager (VOY: "Counterpoint"). In 2377, Janeway became romantically involved with a man named Jaffen when she, without any knowledge about her previous life, was working on the Quarra homeworld (VOY: "Workforce").



Species: male human
Lieutenant Commander, provisional
Date of birth: 2329
Place of origin: a colony near the Cardassian border*
Father: Kolopak (deceased)
Siblings: one sister
Marital status: single
Played by Robert Beltran

First officer of the Starship Voyager and former member of the Maquis resistance group (VOY: "Caretaker"). Chakotay was of Native American descent and fiercely proud of his ancestry. As a child, however, Chakotay rebelled against his heritage. At the age of 15, Chakotay traveled with his father, Kolopak, to Earth in search of the ancient Rubber Tree People. During the expedition, Chakotay hurt his father deeply by announcing that he was leaving his people to attend Starfleet Academy. Kolopak accepted his son's rebellion, noting that Chakotay had been a breech birth, indicating a problem child. Chakotay's application to the academy had been sponsored by Captain Sulu (VOY: "Tattoo"). After his father's death, Chakotay came to recognize the importance of his people's heritage, and he tattooed his forehead in honor of his father and their ancestors (VOY: "Tattoo"). One of his ancestors was a school teacher in Arizona on Earth in the 20th century (VOY: "Future's End").

During Chakotay's first year at Starfleet Academy, he trained as a pilot over Earth's North American continent and spent a couple of months on Venus learning how to handle atmospheric storms. He later learned to dodge asteroids in that system's asteroid belt. Chakotay had an interest in archaeology (VOY: "Future's End"). After Chakotay graduated from the Academy, he was a member of the Starfleet team that made first contact with the Tarkannans (VOY: "Innocence"). He later left Starfleet to join the Maquis in defense of his homeworld against the Cardassians. He commanded a Maquis ship that was lost in the Badlands in 2371 while fleeing from a Cardassian ship. Chakotay and his crew were swept into the distant Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker, where they were trapped when their ship was destroyed by the Kazon-Ogla. Chakotay and his fellow Maquis subsequently accepted an invitation to join the crew of the Starship Voyager under the command of Captain Kathryn Janeway. Under this arrangement, Chakotay became the ship's first officer, replacing Lieutenant Commander Cavit (VOY: "Caretaker").

The difficult conditions in the Delta Quadrant led Chakotay to question whether Starfleet's idealism was appropriate in this distant part of the galaxy, wondering if the expediency of Maquis techniques might be wiser (VOY: "Alliances"). In 2373, Chakotay was temporarily assimilated into a Borg collective while on a mission of exploration into the Nekrit Expanse. His brief exposure to the Borg group consciousness helped heal him from a serious injury. Chakotay later assisted a group of former Borg drones to reestablish a group consciousness, which they felt necessary to a life of harmony (VOY: "Unity"). He protested against Janeway's planned alliance with the Borg against Species 8472 (VOY: "Scorpion"). His Starfleet service number was 47-alpha-612 (VOY: "In the Flesh").

Chakotay practiced his people's vision quest rituals, seeking direction from his animal guide. He used his medicine bundle to help invoke these rituals. Chakotay would occasionally help those close to him experience the vision quest in search of their own animal guides (VOY: "The Cloud"). Chakotay honored his people's traditional medical practices, including the use of a medicine wheel to help guide his spirit back to his body when it was displaced by trianic energy beings on stardate 48734 (VOY: "Cathexis"). He is a vegetarian (VOY: "Workforce").

Chakotay became afflicted with a potentially fatal viral disease in 2372 after exposure to an insectoid life-form on a planet in the Delta Quadrant. Extensive research determined that the condition could remain benign as long as he remained on the planet, but that he could not survive if he left. Voyager Captain Kathryn Janeway was also stricken with the disease. Determined that her people should not sacrifice their chance to return home, Janeway ordered her ship to continue their voyage, leaving Chakotay and Janeway behind. On the planet, Chakotay's wilderness skills that he learned as a boy from Kolopak, his father, proved invaluable. After several weeks, Voyager's crew, with the aid of Vidiian physician Danara Pel, was able to obtain an antiviral medication, and returned to successfully treat Chakotay and Janeway. Chakotay and Janeway grew closer during their time alone together on the planet (VOY: "Resolutions").

While in the Maquis, Chakotay was romantically involved with Seska, unaware that she was a Cardassian agent who had been surgically altered to appear Bajoran (VOY: "State of Flux"). Seska, who later defected to the Kazon, subsequently deceived Chakotay, telling him that she had impregnated herself with a sample of his DNA (VOY: "Maneuvers"). In 2374, he fell in love with Kellin, a Ramuran tracer. Because he would lose all memory of her, he wrote down a few lines to keep a record of her (VOY: "Unforgettable"). Chakotay eventually became romantically involved with Seven of Nine (VOY: "Endgame").

* The unnamed colony was referred to in VOY: "Tattoo". It may have been Dorvan V from TNG: "Journey's End". At least, that was the intention of the producers, but it was never mentioned in the series. Considering that the Dorvan V colony was established in 2350 but Chakotay was born as soon as in 2329, it seems unlikely anyway that he could have grown up there.



Species: male Vulcan
Lieutenant Commander*
Date of birth: 2264
Place of birth: Vulcanis Lunar Colony
Marital status: married to T'Pel since 2304
Children: three sons, one daughter
Grandchildren: one
Played by Tim Russ

Security officer on the USS Voyager (VOY: "Caretaker"). Tuvok taught at the Starfleet Academy for 16 years (VOY: "Learning Curve"). He was married in 2304 (VOY: "Ex Post Facto") to T'Pel (VOY: "Persistence of Vision"). Tuvok and T'Pel had four children, three sons and a daughter (VOY: "Elogium"). At home on Vulcan, Tuvok was proficient at playing his Vulcan lute, a stringed musical instrument (VOY: "Persistence of Vision", "Innocence"). He was skilled at horticulture, known for breeding prize Vulcan orchids (VOY: "Tattoo"). Nowadays a Vulcan with a highly trained mind, he refused the study of logic and mental discipline in his youth (VOY: "Gravity").

Tuvok entered Starfleet Academy in 2289 at his parents' insistence. In 2293, he was assigned to the USS Excelsior as a junior science officer under the command of Captain Hikaru Sulu. Tuvok did not realize it at the time, but he became infected with a parasitic memory virus from fellow crew member Dimitri Valtane. Tuvok found it difficult to accept the multicultural environment of Starfleet, preferring the controlled discipline of his own Vulcan people (VOY: "Flashback"). Tuvok even spoke out against Captain Spock's visionary proposal of an alliance between the Federation and the Klingon Empire (VOY: "Alliances"). Tuvok resigned from Starfleet shortly thereafter and returned to his homeworld to undergo the Kolinahr discipline. His studies were interrupted in 2304 when he underwent Pon farr and married T'Pel. After raising a family of his own, Tuvok appreciated his parents' motives for sending him to Starfleet. After a 51-year absence, Tuvok returned to Starfleet in 2349 and was assigned to the USS Wyoming (VOY: "Flashback"). Tuvok was once stationed at the Jupiter Station some time prior to 2371. While there, he kept in contact with Kathryn Janeway by written letters (VOY: "Tuvix"). Tuvok taught archery science for several years at the Vulcan Institute of Defensive Arts (VOY: "Basics, Part II").

In 2371, Tuvok went undercover and infiltrated the Maquis, ending up on Chakotay's ship. The Maquis ship and later the Voyager were abruptly transported to the Delta Quadrant, and Tuvok returned to his regular Starfleet duties (VOY: "Caretaker"). Tuvok, who had been Kathryn Janeway's tactical officer for many years, would ordinarily have been assigned to replace Voyager's first officer, who died in the first encounter with the Caretaker. Janeway nevertheless elected to appoint Chakotay to that position in the interest of building trust with the new Maquis members of her crew (VOY: "Twisted").

In 2371, a member of the Komar species took control of Tuvok in an attempt to lead Voyager into a dark-matter nebula so that the Komar could extract the crew's neural energy. The attempt was not successful, and the alien left Tuvok's body. (VOY: "Cathexis"). In 2372, Tuvok performed a Vulcan mind-meld with confessed murderer Lon Suder. The meld caused a neurochemical imbalance in Tuvok's brain, leading to a temporary, violent loss of emotional self-control (VOY: "Meld"). In 2372, Tuvok and Neelix were involved in a transporter accident that merged them at the molecular level, forming a new living being who adopted the name Tuvix. Tuvok did not exist during the two weeks that Tuvix lived (VOY: "Tuvix").

Tuvok almost became involved with a holographic projection in early 2374, but the girl turned out to be an incarnation of a lonely woman who was using the ship's emitters to have some company (VOY: "Alter Ego"). On a common away mission with Neelix on a Nezu planet, Tuvok had to learn to take Neelix seriously, and the two contrary characters established mutual understanding (VOY: "Rise"). Tuvok had a remotely romantic relationship with a woman called Noss, when he and Paris are stranded on a planet inside a gravity well (VOY: "Gravity"). He suffered a severe neurological damage when he was attacked by a member of the Ba'neth species. Without his memory and his mental training, he had no longer an interest in logic, but much rather in the pleasures of life, until a cure was found (VOY: "Riddles"). Tuvok, along with Janeway and Torres, allowed himself to be assimilated in order to infiltrate the Borg Collective (VOY: "Unimatrix Zero"). Under the influence of a fanatic Bajoran ex-Maquis, Tuvok led a mutiny of former Maquis members on Voyager, until it was found out that their minds were all being controlled (VOY: "Repression"). Tuvok was among the crew members who were abducted to the Quarra homeworld to work there. Because of the special nature of his brain, Tuvok kept some of his former knowledge, which resurfaced in panic attacks (VOY: "Workforce").

* Tuvok initially appeared as a lieutenant commander, although he was listed as a lieutenant in the opening credits. Tuvok was apparently demoted to lieutenant at the time of "Cathexis" and promoted again in "Revulsion".


B'Elanna Torres

Species: female Klingon/human
Full name:
B'Elanna L. Torres
Lieutenant Jr. Grade, provisional
Place of birth: Kessik IV
Parents: John Torres, Miral
Marital status: married to Tom Paris since stardate 54089 (2377)
Children: one daughter, Miral (born 2378)
Played by Roxann Dawson

Former member of the Maquis resistance group who became chief engineer of the USS Voyager. Half-Klingon and half-human, Torres had an aggressive personality and had much difficulty controlling her temper, which she attributed to her Klingon heritage (VOY: "Caretaker").

B'Elanna spent her early years with her parents at the Federation colony on planet Kessik IV (VOY: "Faces"). B'Elanna's human father left her and moved to Earth when she was five. Her Klingon mother later went to live on the Klingon Homeworld. Thus, B'Elanna wasn't close to either of her parents (VOY: "Eye of the Needle").

Torres attended Starfleet Academy, but dropped out in her second year because of difficulty with Starfleet discipline (VOY: "Caretaker"). She had been a member of the Academy's decathlon team (VOY: "Basics, Part II"). Torres felt that her sometimes-turbulent stint at the academy was evidence that she was not Starfleet material, but at least one of her instructors, Professor Chapman, was so impressed with her original thinking that he recommended she be accepted if she ever sought re-admission to the academy (VOY: "Parallax"). She later joined the Maquis and served under Chakotay aboard a Maquis ship, and became a member of the Voyager crew when her ship and the Voyager were stranded in the Delta Quadrant in 2371 (VOY: "Caretaker"). While in the Maquis, Torres was a close friend of Seska, not suspecting that she was a Cardassian agent (VOY: "Maneuvers"). During her time in the Maquis, Torres was responsible for reprogramming a Cardassian automated weapon and launching it against the Cardassians. The weapon reappeared in the Delta Quadrant, where it was up to Torres to deactivate it (VOY: "Dreadnought").

After joining the crew of the Voyager she had a violent altercation with Lieutenant Carey, her superior officer in engineering. Nevertheless, Captain Janeway chose Torres over Carey to be the chief engineer of the Voyager (VOY: "Parallax"). On stardate 48784, Torres was captured by a Vidiian scientist who used a genotron to split her into two individuals, one fully human, the other completely Klingon. Her Klingon self sacrificed her life so that her human half could live, and Voyager's holographic doctor was subsequently successful in restoring her original genetic structure to her surviving half. The experience helped Torres realize the importance of each half to her personality (VOY: "Faces"). Torres once sought Chakotay's help in locating her animal guide. She didn't get along with her guide and tried to kill it (VOY: "The Cloud"). Her inability to restrain her violent emotions resurfaced several more times (VOY: "Extreme Risk", "Juggernaut"). Although she was not fond of Klingon culture at all, B'Elanna once had a spiritual experience after being injured in a shuttle crash, and she had a vision of the Klingon afterlife (VOY: "Barge of the Dead"). Torres, along with Janeway and Tuvok, allowed herself to be assimilated in order to infiltrate the Borg Collective (VOY: "Unimatrix Zero").

When fellow Voyager crew member Vorik underwent the Vulcan Pon farr in 2373, he asked Torres to become his mate. Torres declined, but nevertheless experienced Pon farr herself, the result of a neurochemical imbalance introduced by Vorik. Torres subsequently attempted to mate with Tom Paris (VOY: "Blood Fever"). But Paris and Torres actually fell in love briefly after, and they confessed that to each other when they expected to suffocate after their shuttle had been blown up (VOY: "Day of Honor"). They got married in 2377 (VOY: "Drive"). While pregnant with a daughter, B'Elanna was shocked to see in a projection that the child would have pronounced forehead bones. Remembering her own problems in an all-human society, she was determined to genetically alter her child, but the Doctor and Tom could convince her not to do so (VOY: "Lineage"). The child became a sign of hope, the Kuvah'Magh, to a group of Klingons who were on a quest in the Delta Quadrant (VOY: "Prophecy"). B'Elanna gave birth to her daughter, named Miral, in 2378 (VOY: "Endgame").


Tom Paris

Species: male human
Full name:
Thomas Eugene Paris
Lieutenant Jr. Grade*
Father: Admiral Owen Paris
Marital status: married to B'Elanna Torres since stardate 54089 (2377)
Children: one daughter, Miral (born 2378)
Played by Robert Duncan McNeill**

Starfleet officer aboard the USS Voyager. Early in his career, Thomas Eugene Paris served aboard the Starship Exeter (VOY: "Caretaker"). He majored in astrophysics at Starfleet Academy (VOY: "Future's End"). As an academy cadet, Paris chose the Starfleet base outside Marseille, France for physical training in his second semester of the academy. He spent most of his time that semester at Chez Sandrine, a bistro that he later re-created in the holodeck of the Starship Voyager (VOY: "The Cloud").

The son of a Starfleet admiral, Tom Paris was a graduate of Starfleet Academy and was involved in a fatal accident that claimed the lives of three other Starfleet officers. Paris initially denied responsibility for the accident, but later admitted he had falsified reports to hide his culpability, and was forced to leave Starfleet (VOY: "Caretaker"). In later years, Paris realized that his greatest mistake was not having told the truth (VOY: "Fair Trade"). Paris became a mercenary for the Maquis, but was arrested by Federation authorities while on his first assignment for the resistance group. He was imprisoned at the Federation Penal Settlement in New Zealand on Earth, but was released in 2371 at the request of Voyager Captain Kathryn Janeway. In exchange for his parole, Paris agreed to help the Voyager locate his former colleagues in the Maquis. While carrying out this mission, Paris and all Voyager personnel were swept into the Delta Quadrant, where they were forced to join forces with the Maquis crew in order to survive. Janeway subsequently reinstated Paris's Starfleet commission and assigned him to the ship's Conn. Paris experienced some discomfort at working under Commander Chakotay, a former Maquis officer (VOY: "Caretaker").

Paris was an instrumental part of an elaborate scheme devised by Janeway and Security Chief Tuvok, intended to trap a spy believed to be operating aboard Voyager. He exhibited increasing anger and discontent with his life aboard the ship for several weeks in 2372, culminating with his departure from the Voyager crew. In doing so, Paris was able to determine that Michael Jonas had been acting as a Kazon operative, working against the interests of the Voyager crew (VOY: "Investigations"). In 2372 Paris made history by becoming the first human pilot to cross the transwarp threshold and allegedly attain a Warp 10 velocity. The experience accelerated the evolutionary process in his cellular DNA, mutating him into an amphibious creature. Fortunately, Voyager's Emergency Medical Hologram was able to reverse the process. Voyager Captain Kathryn Janeway was also mutated by Paris's transwarp flight, and while mutated, the two had three amphibian children, which they left on a planet in the Delta Quadrant (VOY: "Threshold"). That is, if we believe the story of "Threshold"...

At one point, Paris got demoted to ensign and sentenced to thirty days in the brig for disobedience. His intention was to help a water planet solve its ecological problems against the ignorance of most of its inhabitants (VOY: "Thirty Days"). Tom was later promoted to lt. jr. grade again (VOY: "Unimatrix Zero").

Tom Paris was an aficionado of 20th-century America, and was fond of traditional Earth foods from that period (VOY: "Future's End"). This interest included cars (VOY: "Vis à Vis") and television (VOY: "Workforce"). But most of all, Paris was fond of flying spacecraft. It was his idea to build the Delta Flyer, a vessel which would have been equipped with additional fins, if it had been for him (VOY: "Extreme Risk"). His interest in fast shuttles almost turned out fateful, when he became addicted to a shuttle he named "Alice", equipped with a neural interface (VOY: "Alice"). His later wife B'Elanna was never particularly fond of his activities, but joined him on a shuttle race at one occasion (VOY: "Drive"). He was an experienced rock climber and was skilled at spelunking (VOY: "Blood Fever"). Tom Paris realized in 2372 that he was very much attracted to Kes. He decided not to act on these feelings out of respect for Neelix, who was, at the time, involved with her (VOY: "Parturition").

In one possible future, B'Elanna Torres and Tom Paris became romantically involved. Later, Torres and Captain Kathryn Janeway were killed in a Krenim attack. Paris was devastated. Kes comforted him, helping him get through the pain, and the two ended up together. Kes and Tom Paris married and had a daughter, Linnis, in 2375. Linnis later married Harry Kim, and the two had a son, Andrew Kim, who was Tom's grandson (VOY: "Before and After").

Paris fell in love with B'Elanna Torres, and they confessed that to each other when they expected to suffocate after their shuttle had been blown up (VOY: "Day of Honor"). They got married in 2377 (VOY: "Drive"). While pregnant with a daughter, B'Elanna was shocked to see in a projection that the child would have pronounced forehead bones. Remembering her own problems in an all-human society, she was determined to genetically alter her child, but the Doctor and Tom could convince her not to do so (VOY: "Lineage"). B'Elanna gave birth to their daughter, named Miral, in 2378 (VOY: "Endgame").

* Tom initially appeared as a lieutenant but was apparently demoted to lieutenant junior grade, although he, unlike Tuvok, was not part of the conspiracy in "Prime Factors".

** Robert Duncan McNeill previously played Cadet Nick Locarno in TNG: "The First Duty". So Paris and Locarno look identical and, moreover, have virtually the same history.


Harry Kim

Species: male human
Date of birth: 2349
Place of birth: South Carolina, North America, Earth
Parents: Mary and John Kim
Siblings: none
Marital status: single, previously engaged to Libby
Played by Garrett Wang

Starfleet officer who joined the crew of the Starship Voyager just prior to its disappearance in 2371 (VOY: "Caretaker"). In 2370, while attending Starfleet Academy, Harry Kim was the editor of the academy newspaper for a year. During that time he reported on some of the first activity of the Maquis against the Cardassians (VOY: "Investigations"). Kim had graduated from Starfleet Academy on stardate 47918, and was posted to Voyager shortly thereafter (VOY: "Non Sequitur"). Kim's position aboard the Voyager was that of Operations Officer (VOY: "Caretaker").

Family was very important to Kim, born in 2349, who made it a point to call his parents weekly, even after he joined Starfleet (VOY: "Eye of the Needle"). When Harry was nine years old, he and his parents visited a colony on a humanitarian mission. The colony had suffered a radiation disaster, and Harry had a traumatic experience when he inadvertently wandered into a hospital operating room and saw a little girl on the table (VOY: "The Thaw"). Harry was his parents' only son, and he had enjoyed playing clarinet in the Julliard Youth Symphony (VOY: "The Caretaker"). Even after the Voyager was lost in the Delta Quadrant, Kim spent one week's worth of replicator rations to replicate a clarinet, so that he could stay in practice (VOY: "Parturition"). Aboard Voyager, Kim's off-duty recreation included playing the title role in a holonovel version of the epic poem Beowulf (VOY: "Heroes and Demons"). Harry Kim enjoyed Vulcan mocha coffee, extra sweet (VOY: "Non Sequitur").

In early 2372, Kim accidentally piloted a Voyager shuttlecraft through a timestream, sending him into an alternate reality in which he had not been assigned to the Voyager, and was instead living with his fiancée, Libby, on Earth. In this reality, Kim earned the Cochrane Medal of Excellence for outstanding advances in warp theory, and he helped design a new runabout prototype, the USS Yellowstone. Kim returned to his original reality with the help of an alternate Tom Paris (VOY: "Non Sequitur"). Harry Kim was killed in 2372, when part of the Starship Voyager experienced an explosive decompression when the ship encountered a spatial scission. A duplicate of Kim, from a duplicate Voyager created by the scission, returned to the original ship, replacing Harry Kim (VOY: "Deadlock"). On stardate 50698, while on an away mission, Kim was infected with a Taresian genetically engineered retrovirus. The virus gave him genetic memories that compelled him to go to Taresia, where Taresian women tried to convince him that he was actually a native of their planet. Kim escaped when he learned that the Taresians planned to harvest genetic material from him to be used in their procreation process (VOY: "Favorite Son"). During the following years, Kim was striving to achieve more responsibilities, although the chance of promotion was slim. He was in command on the bridge when the Druoda weapon was found (VOY: "Warhead"), and he organized the repairs on the hospital ship he christened "Nightingale" (VOY: "Nightingale").

At the time of posting to Voyager, Kim had been engaged to marry a woman named Libby, with whom he was very much in love (VOY: "Non Sequitur"). Harry fell in love with a holographic projection in early 2374, rivaled by Tuvok, but the girl turned out to be an incarnation of a lonely woman who was using the ship's emitters to have some company (VOY: "Alter Ego"). Kim had a crush on the newly arrived Seven of Nine in late 2374, but it didn't work out (VOY: "Revulsion"). One year later, he felt attracted to Megan Delaney, although her twin sister Jenny liked Harry better (VOY: "Thirty Days"). The story continued when he had an affair with Tal, who was a member of a xenophobic species (VOY: "The Disease"). Finally, there was Irina, who invited him to join her on a shuttle race, but was actually a terrorist who had placed a bomb on the Delta Flyer (VOY: "Drive"). Harry was more than glad when Lindsay Ballard, a former good friend who died and had been buried in space, returned from the Kobali who had revived her. But eventually Lindsay decided to stay with the Kobali (VOY: "Ashes to Ashes").


The Doctor

Species: Emergency Medical Hologram Mark I
Full name:
Date of birth: first activated on stardate 48308.2 (2371)
Place of birth: programmed on Jupiter station
Parents: programmed by Dr. Lewis Zimmerman
Marital status: single
Played by Robert Picardo

Holographic program available on some Federation starships, including the USS Voyager, intended as a short-term supplement to medical personnel in emergency situations. The EMH manifested himself as a humanoid physician, and could treat virtually any injury or known disease, but could function only in areas equipped with holographic projectors (VOY: "Caretaker"). The Emergency Medical Hologram was developed at Starfleet's Jupiter Station and was designed by Dr. Lewis Zimmerman. Lieutenant Reginald Barclay was a member of Zimmerman's development team, in charge of testing the EMH's interpersonal skills (VOY: "Projections"). The EMH program caused holographic projectors not only to generate an image of a person, but also to create a magnetic containment field, within which electromagnetic energy was trapped, thereby giving the Doctor the ability to physically manipulate real objects such as patients and medical instruments (VOY: "Phage"). After the entire medical staff of the USS Voyager were killed in 2371 during the ship's rough passage to the Delta Quadrant, the ship's Emergency Medical Hologram became the only source of medical treatment for the crew (VOY: "Caretaker").

The Doctor was programmed with over five million possible treatments, with contingency options and adaptive programs (VOY: "Ex Post Facto") utilizing sophisticated multitronic pathway programming (VOY: "The Swarm"). He was fed with information from 2,000 medical references and the experience of 47 physicians (VOY: "Parallax"). The EMH program, which was first activated on stardate 48308, consisted of more than fifty million gigaquads of computer data and was equipped with the medical knowledge of more than three thousand cultures (VOY: "Lifesigns"). His knowledge of medical treatments included those based on psychospiritual beliefs such as those employed by some of Earth's Native Americans (VOY: "Cathexis"). The EMH's programming was extremely sophisticated, permitting him to learn from new data and experiences, and even to be creative. Shortly after stardate 48532, when crew member Neelix's lungs were removed, the doctor saved Neelix's life by devising a means of creating a pair of holographic lungs, using the holographic emitters in sickbay (VOY: "Phage"). The EMH was definitely capable of independent thought. In 2372, he refused a direct order to separate Tuvix into Tuvok and Neelix. He did so because obeying the order would have required him to take a life, violating his doctor's oath to do no harm (VOY: "Tuvix").

The EMH undertook his first away mission on stardate 48693. He was dispatched to the ship's holodeck to investigate the disappearance of three Voyager crew members. He was successful in interacting with a photonic being that had taken up residence on the holodeck and in gaining the return of the missing crew. His actions during this first contact mission gained him a special commendation from Voyager Captain Janeway (VOY: "Heroes and Demons"). Still, he remained restricted to sickbay. This changed when Voyager visited Earth's past of 1996, and Henry Starling fitted the EMH with an autonomous holographic emitter. When Voyager's crew returned to their own time period, the Doctor retained the holoemitter, which gave him the ability to operate outside of sickbay, even in areas without holographic emitters (VOY: "Future's End").

So sophisticated was the holographic doctor's program that he was a sentient life-form. He therefore found it frustrating when some members of the Voyager crew treated him as an inanimate computer program. Captain Janeway ordered that the EMH be given control over his own deactivation sequence, in order to avoid the indignity of his being deactivated by others (VOY: "Eye of the Needle"). The Doctor's role as sole medical professional on the ship caused him to undergo significant growth as a sentient life-form. One of his early steps in this growth process was his search for a name for himself. Among the names he considered were Benjamin Spock and Jonas Salk (VOY: "Ex Post Facto"). He also thought about Albert Schweitzer. Vidiian physician Danara Pel suggested Shmullus, after her beloved uncle. In one possible future visited by Kes, the holographic doctor aboard the Voyager decided on the name Dr. van Gogh, after being known as Dr. Mozart for a time (VOY: "Before and After").

The Doctor was not programmed to bleed or to feel pain. When activated, the Emergency Medical Hologram established communication links with all key areas of the Starship Voyager. He sometimes used this ability to surreptitiously listen to conversations throughout the ship, until Captain Janeway ordered him to refrain from eavesdropping. (VOY: "Parturition"). The Doctor was sensitive to criticisms that, as a synthetic life-form, he would have difficulties empathizing with the suffering of an organic patient. In order to address this potential weakness, he once programmed himself with a holographic simulation of the 29-hour Levodian flu so that he could experience the disease process. His programming did not include the ability to cry (VOY: "Threshold").

The holographic doctor was designed as a short-term supplement for medical personnel, not to be used for more than 1,500 hours. By stardate 50252.3, this limit had been greatly exceeded, and the EMH suffered level-4 memory fragmentation, resulting in rapid deterioration of program function. Rather than re-initialize the EMH, which would caused him to forget everything he had learned, including growth of personality, the Voyager crew instead decided to merge the EMH's program matrix with that of the Jupiter Station EMH diagnostic program. The matrix overlay process worked to maintain the integrity of the EMH, but his memory was not fully restored (VOY: "The Swarm"). In 2373, the Emergency Medical Hologram created a personality-improvement holographic program that incorporated several historic characters' personalities into his subroutines. Unfortunately, the unsavory side of these characters turned the EMH to evil until B'Elanna Torres purged the personalities from his memory (VOY: "Darkling"). The Doctor was facing a dilemma, when he was supposed to work with the re-creation of a Cardassian physician, who was known to perform condemnable experiments on Bajoran patients (VOY: "Nothing Human"). An old wound showed up when the Doctor regained the memory of an incident that had caused a system failure of his matrix several months before. He had decided to treat Harry Kim first, whereupon the other wounded person, Ahni Jetal, had died. Being filled with remorse, he had not been able to work any longer, and his memory of the incident had been purged. Now the same problem occurred again, and it was decided that the Doctor needed to be cured instead of being reprogrammed (VOY: "Latent Image").

On stardate 48892, a surge of kinoplastic radiation caused a malfunction in Voyager's holodeck circuits, trapping the Doctor in a delusional reality in which he briefly believed he was a real person named Lewis Zimmerman. In this fantasy, the Doctor imagined he was married to a human woman named Kes Zimmerman (VOY: "Projections"). In 2372, he fell in love with the Vidiian Danara Pel (VOY: "Lifesigns"). Being instrumental in helping Seven of Nine regaining her human appearance (VOY: "The Gift"), the Doctor subsequently developed a romantic attraction to her, but he never dared to confess it. He even missed a clear chance when he helped Seven with lessons on romantic relationships (VOY: "Someone to Watch Over Me"). The Doctor was not content with just being the ship's physician. In his own fantasy, he became Voyager's "Emergency Command Hologram" (VOY: "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy"). Subsequently, Janeway actually enabled such a routine for the case that the rest of the crew should be gone or disabled, which happened in 2377 (VOY: "Workforce"). The Doctor was also working to have photonic projections acknowledged as lifeforms, especially since he had to learn from his creator that many of his fellow holograms were condemned to do slave labor (VOY: "Life Line"). He wrote a holonovel, in which he used characters of the Starship Voyager, but in an inappropriate depiction. When the Doctor asked his submission of the story to a publisher to be cancelled, the publisher replied that they would not need to do that because the Doctor was not a lifeform and could therefore not be an author. But at least the Doctor's authorship was acknowledged in an improvised court session between the Alpha Quadrant and the Delta Quadrant (VOY: "Author, Author").



Species: male Talaxian
Place of origin:
Rinax, a moon of Talax
Siblings: several, among them his sister Alixia (all deceased)
Marital status: single
Played by Ethan Phillips

Talaxian trader who joined the crew of the Starship Voyager in 2371 (VOY: "Caretaker"). As a child Neelix lived with his parents on Rinax, a moon of Talax (VOY: "Jetrel") where due to Talax's three suns, the summer season's were the hottest in the sector, reaching temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius with 90% humidity (VOY: "Macrocosm"). Neelix was very close to Alixia, one of his sisters. The two enjoyed many adventures together, exploring the Caves of Trouth, visiting the equatorial dust shrouds, and even hunting arctic spiders (VOY: "Rise"). Neelix bred orchids, which he liked to serve in salads with Baldoxic vinegar (VOY: "Tattoo"). Neelix's entire family, including Alixia, was killed when Rinax was devastated by the metreon cascade attack by the Haakonian Order. Neelix survived because he was on Talax at the time, fleeing from military duty in a war he felt was unjust (VOY: "Jetrel").

Neelix worked for two years on an orbital tether maintenance team on Talax, but his actual experience with the technology was limited to models (VOY: "Rise"). He served for two years as an engineer's assistant aboard a Trabalian freighter (VOY: "Threshold") and also worked in a mining colony (VOY: "Blood Fever"). There were a few incidents in Neelix's past that he would probably have preferred to have forgotten. He and his friend Wixiban had a run in with Ubean authorities. Although Neelix escaped arrest, Wixiban served a brutal term in an Ubean prison (VOY: "Fair Trade"). Neelix, a native of the Delta Quadrant, had been a trader of junk and debris, but prided himself on his skills as a jack-of-all-trades. Neelix helped Captain Janeway deal with the Kazon Ogla shortly after Voyager's arrival in the Delta Quadrant, and was subsequently invited to join the crew, in part because of his familiarity with the region of space.

Shortly after joining the Voyager crew, Neelix appointed himself ship's cook and took it upon himself to convert part of the mess hall on deck 2 into a kitchen. Neelix hoped not only to reduce the crew's dependence on replicated food, but also to prove his value as a member of the ship. In his Kitchen, Neelix prepared numerous delicacies with food grown in Kes's hydroponics bay, or gathered at planets visited by Voyager. Unfortunately Neelix neglected to note that he had used the Captain's private dining room, immediately adjacent to the mess hall, for storage (VOY: "Phage"). Neelix also took it upon himself to serve as ship's morale officer (VOY: "The Cloud"). Neelix performed diplomatic duties in helping the Voyager crew to deal with newly contacted civilizations, a task for which Janeway once jokingly suggested he should be promoted to ambassador (VOY: "Macrocosm"). Neelix even produced a daily informational audiovisual program, "A Briefing With Neelix", which he distributed over the ship's internal communications system (VOY: "Investigations"). Neelix often took part in monthly tactical exercises aboard Voyager (VOY: "Warlord").

On stardate 48532.4 Neelix was attacked; his lungs were surgically removed, and they were implanted into a Vidiian named Motura, who was suffering from the Phage. When Janeway declined to order Motura's death to reclaim Neelix's lungs, Kes donated one of her lungs to be implanted into Neelix's body, thereby saving his life (VOY: "Phage"). In 2372 Tuvok and Neelix were involved in a transporter accident that merged them at the molecular level, forming a new living being who adopted the name Tuvix. Neelix did not exist during the two weeks that Tuvix lived (VOY: "Tuvix"). Neelix encountered his old friend Wixiban, in 2373 at the Nekrit Supply Depot space station. Neelix was briefly drawn back into the world of illicit trade, until he was injured when a cylinder of stolen warp plasma exploded. Janeway subsequently ordered Neelix to serve two weeks of deuterium maintenance duty as punishment for having stolen the plasma and engaged in illicit activities (VOY: "Fair Trade"). Neelix was once revived by nanoprobes from Seven's body, after he had already been dead for a while. The Talaxian was shattered to discover that there was not the afterlife he had expected and eventually even attempted to commit suicide, until the crew affirmed him how useful he was (VOY: "Mortal Coil").

Neelix was romantically involved with Kes, who also joined the Voyager crew (VOY: "Caretaker"). Neelix and Kes broke up after two years (VOY: "Darkling"). In 2378, the Voyager crew discovered a Talaxian colony, founded by refugees from the war with the Haakonian Order. Neelix became romantically involved with the widow Dexa and befriended her son, Brax. He eventually decided to stay with them (VOY: "Homestead").



Species: female Ocampa
Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Benaren (father, deceased), Martis (mother)
Marital status: unknown
Played by Jennifer Lien

Native of the planet Ocampa who left her homeworld in 2371 to join the crew of Voyager (VOY: "Caretaker"). Kes was born in 2370 (VOY: "Twisted"). Her father's name was Benaren. She had an uncle name Elrem (VOY: "Dreadnought"). Kes's mother was a women named Martis (VOY: "Before and After"). Kes remembered her father as a wise man who did much to shape the person she became. Benaren died in 2371, when Kes was one year old (VOY: "Resolutions").

Kes who was both inquisitive and inelegant, escaped her people's underground city in a quest to learn about her world. On the surface she was captured and abused by the Kazon Ogla until she escaped to the Starship Voyager, aided by Neelix, with whom she was very much in love (VOY: "Caretaker"). Kes broke up with Neelix after two years (VOY: "Darkling"). Kes demonstrated her gratitude and her love for Neelix shortly after Stardate 48532, when she donated one of her lungs to save Neelix's life. Shortly thereafter, she began studying to become a medical assistant under the tutelage of Voyager's Emergency Medical Hologram (VOY: "Phage"). Her quarters on Voyager were located on deck 8 (VOY: "Twisted").

Kes believed there was truth to ancient legends that her people once had extraordinary mental powers. Shortly after joining the Voyager crew, she began to exhibit signs of such powers, including visions of a planet destroyed in another timeline by polaric ion energy (VOY: "Time and Again") and evidence of an eidetic memory (VOY: "Eye of the Needle"). Kes studied Vulcan mind control techniques under Tuvok's direction, on the theory that this would help her develop her natural Ocampa abilities. When under the influence of Tanis she temporarily gained spectacular psychokinetic powers, giving her the ability to influence matter on the molecular level and to direct the flow of life energy (VOY: "Cold Fire"). Kes continually strove to expand her knowledge and skills. She learned to pilot a Federation shuttlecraft under the tutelage of Lieutenant Tom Paris in 2372. Kes was surprised to learn that Paris found her attractive (VOY: "Parturition"). In early 2372, Kes underwent early elogium, during which Neelix and she decided to conceive a child. She later learned that the elogium was a false one and that she might go through the elogium again later in life. Kes decided to wait until then to conceive a child (VOY: "Elogium").

In one possible future, Kes received bio-temporal chamber treatments in 2379, causing her cells to enter a state of bio-temporal flux, sending Kes out of temporal synch. Kes traveled backward in time, experiencing a series of brief visits to various points in her life. In one possible future, she and Tom Paris married and had a daughter, Linnis, in 2375. Linnis later married Harry Kim and the two had a son, Andrew, Kes's Grandson. In this reality, Kes continued to work in sickbay and eventually a Doctor. Kes was eventually restored to temporal normality when she was exposed to a precisely modulated field of antichroniton particles.

In 2373, Tieran of Ilari transferred his neural pattern into Kes's mind and used her body in his unsuccessful bid to take over the Ilari Government (VOY: "Warlord"). In 2374, shortly after being exposed to Species 8472's powerful mind, Kes evolved into a higher form of life and could not exist among the Voyager crew, Kes had to leave and explore her new existence as a higher life form, but before she left gave the crew of Voyager a gift by making their long journey 10 years shorter (VOY: "The Gift").

Kes returned in 2376, visibly aged and bitter about the course her life had taken, and attempted to take revenge on her fellow crew members by going back in time and betraying them to the Vidiians. When this plan failed in the past, Captain Janeway was warned, and she managed to convince old Kes to spare them (VOY: "Fury").


Seven of Nine

Species: female human, partially de-assimilated Borg
Full name:
Annika Hansen (human); Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero-One (Borg)
Date of birth:
2348, stardate 25479
Place of birth:
Tendara Colony
Magnus and Erin Hansen (assimilated)
Marital status: single
Played by Jeri Ryan

Borg drone whose link to the Collective was severed by the crew of Voyager when she and her fellow drones attempted to assimilate Voyager, during an uneasy alliance with the crew of Voyager which was initiated by Captain Janeway to help the Borg fight Species 8472 in exchange for safe passage through Borg space (VOY: "Scorpion"). Thus separated from the Collective, Seven's human physiology reasserted itself, and the Doctor removed most of Seven's Borg implants to increase her chances of survival. The use of dermaplastic grafts and follicle stimulation gave her a nearly normal human appearance (VOY: "The Gift").

Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero-One, was born a human female named Annika Hansen in 2348. Annika's parents were noted scientists who were on a journey to find and study the Borg, but were eventually assimilated by them (VOY: "Dark Frontier"). Seven found their ship, the Raven, crashed on a moon claimed by the B'omar (VOY: "The Raven"). Having spent nearly her entire life as a Borg drone, Seven of Nine did not consider herself to be a human at first. She objected strongly to losing her Borg identity against her will. Her Voyager shipmates, including Captain Janeway, were nevertheless committed to helping her make what proved to be a difficult return to human society.

Still, Seven often acted Borg-like and emotionless. She once condemned a member of Species 8472 to certain death at the hands of the Hirogen, when she allowed them access to the creature (VOY: "Prey"). Seven made a fateful mistake when she believed that the arms dealer Kovin had conducted experiments on her. Kovin panicked and attempted a suicide attack on Voyager, in the course of which he died (VOY: "Retrospect"). A completely surprising aspect of her life as a Borg resurfaced when Janeway was going to comply with the Omega Directive and destroy the molecule at all cost. Seven, on the other hand, saw perfection in the Omega Molecule which was some sort of a Borg religion (VOY: "The Omega Directive"). Seven found a friend in a Borg drone called "One" that accidentally developed around the Doctor's holographic emitter. Similar to Janeway's care about Seven one year ago, Seven now introduced One into his own individuality. She was saddened when One sacrificed himself in a battle against a Borg vessel (VOY: "Drone"). Under the influence of a Borg vinculum, Seven developed multiple personalities, until the device could be fixed (VOY: "Infinite Regress"). Seven was confronted with her past when the Borg Queen called her back to the Collective. But eventually her loyalty to the Voyager crew and the desire to stay with her new friends prevailed (VOY: "Dark Frontier"). A severe malfunction in her cortical implant occurred in 2377, but Seven could be saved with the help of Icheb's implant (VOY: "Imperfection"). Seven was attempting to help Iko, a Nygean prisoner who had been sentenced to death, but now felt remorse. Unfortunately, her plea to spare his life turned out unsuccessful (VOY: "Repentance").

Seven had been romantically involved with the male drone Axum in an environment known as "Unimatrix Zero" (VOY: "Unimatrix Zero"). As a human, she first attempted to develop romantic feelings when she dated a male crew member (VOY: "Someone to Watch Over Me"). She was unaware of the Doctor's crush on her at that time. Seven dated a holographic version of Commander Chakotay in order to further explore romantic relationships. But a fail-safe mechanism that was laid out to prevent emotions in Borg drones put a limit to this desire (VOY: "Human Error"). Still, Seven became romantically involved with the actual Chakotay (VOY: "Endgame").


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