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17 Nov 2021

No Discovery Season 4 Reviews Any Time Soon

On November 17, Netflix clandestinely removed Star Trek Discovery for good from all of its international streaming services. I was aware that the deal with Netflix would expire some day, knowing that ViacomCBS produces fresh Star Trek content primarily as a crowd-puller for their streaming service Paramount+. But Paramount+ doesn't yet exist in most countries. I am angry about how ViacomCBS effectively bribed Netflix to suddenly pull the plug, only two days before the fourth season was to go up on Netflix. Even though Discovery is not exactly my favorite series, I was looking forward to it, I had slots reserved in my professional and private schedules to view and review it and everything was set on my website.

It seems that fans outside North America are only second-rate fans in the eyes of the people at ViacomCBS. Every season premiere of streamed Trek so far was overshadowed by the question if, where and when it would become available. We already had to wait several months for the release of Lower Decks and we also miss out on Prodigy until further notice. Being barred from watching Prodigy and now Discovery as well, there is no way for us to join the discussion or to stay informed at all, without running into spoilers just everywhere. At least, there is no legal way. If Paramount+ wants to scare away international customers or foster content piracy, they are on the best way!

For EAS, the delay means that there will be no coverage of Discovery's season 4 for the time being - no reviews and no updates to any articles either. I will eventually (have to) get Paramount+, but although the prospect is to have all Trek in one service, I'm not really looking forward to it, especially if it will require to subscribe to an expensive Sky package.

On a positive note, perhaps I can use the involuntary break to tend to some side projects without the deadline pressure imposed by newly released episodes. I can't absolutely promise it, but I think that EAS will remain spoiler-free for people outside North America.

I am not even sure if I will write episode reviews again any time soon. Already before being locked out from Prodigy and now from Discovery, I felt like it was more like a self-imposed duty. Even when US and international releases are aligned again, EAS just can't compete with news sites that don't only have veritable wordsmiths at work but also receive new episodes several days in advance. This head start gives them the opportunity to analyze everything frame by frame and also paves the way for a consensus that makes it hard for more critical fans to be taken seriously. Actually, in recent years, most reactions to my reviews were like "You missed an Easter egg!", "Didn't you get what it was supposed to mean?" or even "Reviews must be positive or they ain't worth shit." - even with regard to Lower Decks, a series that I criticize a lot less than Discovery. Looking around on other sites that used to keep a critical distance, it seems I am not alone with my reluctance to write down my honest impressions, in a time when most people compress their opinions to 280 characters and when others feel compelled to pick the sides of either the "cheerleaders" or the "haters" (or assign fellow fans to either of these groups).

This was not really meant to be another rant on the state of the fandom. But keeping in mind how we are already divided, at least I hope that there won't be yet another schism, this time between North America and the rest of the world.

I will have patience. But once Discovery and Prodigy are available, I will likely watch them without an obligation in mind to catch and write down every single detail.

Bernd Schneider


EAS Timeline @ Twitter
  • 27 Nov 2021
    Major update! All ships from season 2 of Lower Decks are now in the Starship Database: Lower Decks Starfleet & Federation Ship Classes and Lower Decks Alien Ship Classes. Both pages have more than doubled in size. Thanks to Jörg for several additional finds!
  • 17 Nov 2021
    Netflix has clandestinely removed Star Trek Discovery from all of its international streaming services, following a pay-out deal with ViacomCBS. The fourth season, which is set to launch on Paramount+ on November 18, will not be available internationally until some time in 2022. For EAS, this means that there will be no coverage of Discovery's season 4 for the time being. Please refrain from sending me links to illegal streaming platforms!
  • 08 Nov 2021
    There are about two dozen new observations by Jörg in the old article on TNG: "The Bonding". Yes, it's a lame episode, but with lots of details to discover!
  • 04 Nov 2021
    I have re-ordered the buttons and fields on the upper right of each page. There are a few technical improvements too. For instance, it is now possible to jump to the bottom and open the comments without scrolling all the way down. The page with Star Trek Lower Decks (LOW) Season 2 Guest Reviews is just an example of the layout. But perhaps someone would like to review more episodes of the season?
  • 28 Oct 2021
    There is no word on the European release of Star Trek: Prodigy yet, and hence no coverage of the series at EAS for the time being. It looks like I still have time to decide whether Prodigy is worth spending money on an expensive Sky subscription or whether I will wait patiently for other legal options.
  • 24 Oct 2021
    See several additions to the Observations in TNG: "Who Watches the Watchers" by Jörg and read the story about the book that Picard gave to Data as a gift.
  • 22 Oct 2021
    Two new Disqus threads for topics that are not directly related to EAS pages: Feedback & Suggestions and General Trek Discussion. To post without registration, enter your name and check the box "I'd rather post as a guest".
  • 19 Oct 2021
    There are updates on several pages. See very detailed and accurate renders of the USS Salcombe by Daniel Broadway, additions to the Observations in TNG: "The Survivors" by Jörg and three newly identified lamps (Inner Pyramid, Oz Lamp, Noce Sconce) by Eno.
  • 15 Oct 2021
    Season 2 of Lower Decks comes to an end in an exciting finale - without hot chocolate but with a naked ship! Here is my review of LOW: "First First Contact".
  • 14 Oct 2021
    Reviving the Poll with the question: How do you rate the second season of Lower Decks?
Latest Comments on EAS Articles (Overview)
  • 28 Nov 2021

    Love the Obena!

  • 27 Nov 2021

    Yeah, that doesn't feel right.

  • 27 Nov 2021

    It always seemed a little off to me. Might be worth tracking it on a map...

  • 27 Nov 2021

    In all fairness, most of those who criticized the Abrams films don't like Discovery either, and for similar reasons. I can't tell if those who dislike only the Abramsverse have problems with the stories in the movies, if they generally prefer Trek on TV, or if they have still other motivations.

  • 27 Nov 2021

    There's so many things wrong with "The Conscience of the King", most of which you pointed out. But, one that irks me is.....would a group of trained Starfleet officers really react like a group of frightened children when Lenore ran on stage with the phaser (which was not pointed at them, BTW.)

  • 25 Nov 2021

    The geography of San Francisco is way off in Into Darkness. We see the Vengeance heading towards the city, it is clearly approaching from the east. Then in skirts Alcatraz, indicating the ship was coming in from the north. Then as it crashes, we clearly see the Transamerica Pyramid directly in front of the ship as it comes to stop (The ship appears to travel several miles inland before coming to a stop,but The Pyramid is only 5 blocks, or 1/2 mile, inland) , And, when Khan looks out from the ruined bridge of the ship, we see Grace Cathedral directly below. Grace Cathedral is almost a mile west of the Pyramid. Sigh.

  • 25 Nov 2021

    I find it a wee bit hypcritical that people who criticized the Abrams films for poor writing, nonsensical storytelling, disrespecting Trek history (idiotic ship designs, re-imagined Klingons, retconning established character backstories) praise Discovery & Picard for doing the exact same thing.

  • 25 Nov 2021

    I have no answer, just an impression that it has to be something that is intuitive in the 24th century, just like QWERTZ keyboards are today. Or just like smartphones are intuitive to us but would be incredibly cryptical to someone who lived 100 years ago. This may explain why Starfleet can read even the displays of previously unknown aliens.

    More on the topic here: https://www.ex-astris-scien... (Cryptic computer interfaces)

  • 25 Nov 2021

    how do you read sensor readings in star trek?
    the personnel files and even the Lcars maps as well as the TOS medical bay among others are all readable. But when you look closely at the Ship computers most of the time (not counting the other times when sensor readings are written in numbers are letter based.) It is just a bunch of numbers in various boxes on the computer screen. While many will say that they are just random numbers put by the production staff, what is the in universe meaning of the numbers? It is important to point out that any cadet can read sensor readings and pre warp cultures with stolen UFP tech eventually crack the codes. The numbers also seem to be similar across cultures with Starfleet often able to decipher data from old and ancient computers. It wouldn't be to far off to conjuncture that every civilian in the UFP and beyond (among warp capable species) can read all the sensor data with ease. Thus in universe logic dictates that it shouldn’t be that hard for us to decipher the sensor data ourselves

  • 23 Nov 2021

    Not being able to watch Discovery….. Sounds like an act of mercy

EAS Timeline @ Facebook
EAS Favourites @ Deviantart
  • 14 Aug 2021
    This is the observation lounge of the Enterprise-D, as it appeared in 2367, during the fourth season of 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'. On the following year, the room would be modified in several ways, including the removal of the 'Enterprise lineage' ship sculptures from the wall.

    For several additional renders, please visit my portfolio.

    The real life set had somewhat different looking sculptures, as the ones depicting the Enterprises B and C were different to how those ships were eventually portrayed. For this reproduction, I decided to "correct" this, as a personal prerogative, and showcase both of those ships with their "real" in-universe shapes.

    Software used:
    3D Modeling and rendering: Blender 2.93
    LCARS panels and textures: Inkscape 1.1
    OS: Ubuntu 20.04
  • 07 Aug 2021
  • 26 Apr 2021
    I wanted to give her the "flashy starship porn" treatment in the flavor of Crisis Point

    Models by me

  • 10 Apr 2021
    Emblem of the Romulan Star Empire, late 24th century (formal ceremonial version).

    The Star Trek franchise is owned by Paramount and CBS.


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