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Star Trek Lower Decks (LOW) Season 1
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22 Jan 2021

Star Trek: Lower Decks should be available for streaming in many countries today. Without much ado, here are my reviews of all ten episodes of the first season of the new animated series.

08 Jan 2021

The third season of Star Trek Discovery concludes with an exciting but also flawed episode, whose main purpose was to tie up some loose ends. Here is my review of DIS: "That Hope Is You, Part 2".

02 Jan 2021

As the Discovery is in the hands of the Emerald Chain, Michael Burnham struggles to regain control of the ship. But Osyraa comes up with a surprising proposal. Peace to the galaxy? Read my review of DIS: "There Is A Tide...".

01 Jan 2021

Happy New Year 2021! We won't miss you, 2020 (although for me personally, the year was not that bad in several regards).

I have nothing special to report in this log entry, other than a couple of updates to articles, such as Visual Bloopers and Star Trek Clichés.


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