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Ex Astris Scientia maintains a site update log with all significant changes and other news in the form of an RSS feed. If you like to stay informed or like to let other fans know, you have the following options.


EAS News in Social Media


The EAS site news and some other features are available on Facebook.


The EAS site news and some other features are available on Twitter.


EAS News as a Feed

RSS feed

To add the EAS feed to a news reader, click the orange RSS icon on the right or here. Unfortunately, common browsers don't support RSS any longer, so you will need a separate feed reader app, a browser plug-in or an online service such as Feedly.

EAS update feed
EAS comment feed

The update feed is as provided by EAS (RSS 2.0), with no other distributor involved, the comment feed is provided by Disqus and proxied by Feedburner.

Google News

You can view or (with a Google account) subscribe to the EAS site updates on Google News.


If you mainly want to read the feeds of your favorite sites, then Feedly is a very good Google News alternative without clutter.


EAS News by E-Mail


With Follow.it, you can decide whether to receive EAS site news via RSS, as an e-mail newsletter, via mobile or on your personal news page. You can unsubscribe any time if you wish to.

Your e-mail address


EAS News on Your Website


If you have a website or blog, you can display the 10 most recent EAS newsfeed items. Simply copy the HTML snippet in the field below and insert it into the source code of any of your pages.

HTML code

It will look like in this live demo (you have to allow bloople.net in your ad blocker):

Using this option, you receive the EAS feed from RSS 2 HTML (without ads but with branding). You don't have to register or to confirm anything. Simply use the code as it is or got to RSS 2 HTML for customization options.

Don't worry, the news feed will appear in your site's standard body and link style that you can control with CSS.


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