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The three "Abramsverse" films, starting with "Star Trek (2009)", take place in a new continuity, the Kelvin Timeline, which is interpreted differently by some fans though. Anyway, from the moment that the USS Kelvin runs into the Narada, galactic history, personal histories and technical developments diverge from what we know of the TOS era. There is no problem with young Kirk knowing how to drive a stick shift car, which Spock had to show Captain Kirk in TOS: "A Piece of the Action". Several altered basic principles of the Star Trek Universe and real-world facts, as well as the plot holes of the movies constitute inconsistencies though. A few of the problems particularly of "Star Trek (2009)" are explained in the Countdown comic or in deleted scenes, but they do not make sense in the film itself.


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When I first published this page in 2009, I earned hundreds of comments that were spiteful or insulting, coming from people that claimed to be fellow fans. My alleged offense was that I listed the possible and actual inconsistencies of "Star Trek (2009)", using the same criteria, the same level of detail, the same format and the same tone as I had done with all previous Star Trek movies. It is not my fault that there are many more problems in the Abramsverse (with the notable exception of "Beyond") than in classic Trek. It is not my fault that some explanations can only be found in non-canon comics or in deleted scenes, and are hence disregarded here. And while I admit that many of my findings are just small nitpicks, so are many of the things that I took note of in classic films and episodes - without being put on a witch trial for it. The fandom has changed for the worse since self-righteous fans shout down any criticism of the new Trek. And this was only the prelude to what happened regarding Discovery.



Some screen caps from TrekCore. Thanks to DITL for the Chekov quote and to Andrew Probert, Ben Rowe, Ben Parker, Lee Sherman, Harald Hofmeier, Thomas Owens, Shawn Boles, Tim Maher, IJD, Greg Tyler, Michael Minnick, Jared, Gustavo, chris, Hakan, Jeff, Pizza the Hutt, Drew (doubleofive) Stewart, Robert Heckadon, Steeko, Judah, TheCrudMan, Frank Turturici, Josh Wilder, Colin, Micah Haber, Dan Carlson, Andrew Gilbertson, Ben Dickson, Jake Barrett and Masao Okazaki, who gave me some additional ideas.


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