Re-Used Props - Other Weapons

by Jörg Hillebrand and Bernd Schneider

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Many props of Star Trek were later modified or recycled without changes to represent items for a different purpose or of another civilization. Here are examples of various weapons. Please take the following statements with a grain of salt. There is no need to seek for explanations. We may not want to watch closely enough to notice that distant civilizations have the same weapons.


Blade Weapons

Vulcan ceremonial spear

The ceremonial weapon used to hold Kirk back at the end of "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock" reappeared on Ligon II in TNG: "Code of Honor".

Tkon halberd

The Tkon halberd is later seen again as a Klingon weapon in "Sins of the Father" in K'mpec's office and on Boreth in "Rightful Heir".

Ligonian glavin

One of the typical Ligonian weapons in TNG: "Code of Honor" was a poisoned needle glove called glavin. The same prop can be seen in Worf's quarters in TNG: "Reunion" (when Worf is in his armory with Alexander at the end of the episode), this time apparently representing a genuinely Klingon weapon. On the other hand, he may have been so impressed with the Ligonians that he took it as a souvenir or to honor his commanding officer Lt. Yar who may have fought with exactly this glavin.

Tamarian knife

The knife of the Tamarian captain Dathon featured in TNG: "Darmok" reappears in TNG: "Man of the People" when the aged Deanna, under the influence of Ambassador Alkar, attacks Picard with it.

Jem'Hadar halberd

In DS9: "To the Death" the Jem'Hadar had blade weapons resembling medieval halberds. We can see this prop again in DS9: "Ties of Blood and Water", this time, in Kira's flashback about the Cardassian occupation, as a Bajoran weapon.

Romulan knife

In "Star Trek Nemesis", both Shinzon and the Reman Viceroy can be seen fighting with knives of the same model. Many years later, this weapon reappears when Vadic cuts off her hand in PIC: "No Win Scenario". The same knife was also seen in the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, here used by Faith Lehane. In real life, this is the UC1169 Jackal, produced by Kit Rae in 1999.


Forcefield Generators


In TOS: "Mirror, Mirror" small triangular agonizers served to punish the crew for offenses. The same devices were used by the Klingons of our universe in TOS: "Day of the Dove".

Tantalus generator & medical console

The Tantalus generator from TOS: "Mirror, Mirror" reappeared in a quite peaceful incarnation as a console in Dr. McCoy's sickbay in TOS: "Journey to Babel".

Shapeshifting inhibitor & protein sequencer

The central part of the equipment that Garak used to forcibly keep Odo in his solid form in DS9: "The Die is Cast" reappeared as a more peaceful protein sequencer in DS9: "The Quickening".

Forcefield generator & columns

The Cardassian forcefield generators in DS9: "The Homecoming" are used by the Paradans in DS9: "Whispers" for a completely different purpose: as structural reinforcements of their cave.

Forcefield generators

The lighted part of the prison forcefield on the Mokra homeworld (VOY: "Resistance") was redressed to become the Ilari forcefield generators (VOY: "Warlord").


Explosive Devices

Ansata Bomb

The Ansata bomb from TNG: "The High Ground" appeared as another bomb many years later, in the Voyager episode "Time and Again". It could then be seen as a spatial charge in VOY: "Dark Frontier" and as a plasma charge in VOY: "Collective".

Romulan mine

The mine from ENT: "Minefield" has a comeback in ENT: "Zero Hour" as the Xindi reactor core. The frame around the core previously appeared as the Tucker's gyroscope device in ENT: "Vanishing Point".


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Some screen caps from TrekCore. Thanks to Michael Minnick for spotting the Jem'Hadar halberd and the Romulan mine, to Jernej L. who noticed the re-uses of the Tamarian knife and the Ligonian glove and to Phoenix Merrick for a hint about the Ligonian glove.


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