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Please understand that I have reserved this page to the best Trek links only. I will turn down almost any link request unless I think you have a "must-see" site. Even if you give me an award or post my banner all around your site, I won't return the favor. You may add a link to your site here and I will have a look at it. I will delete links without notice as soon as the sites do not meet basic technical or security requirements any more, or if their content is hopelessly outdated. Links to dead sites on mass hosts will be removed immediately as I discover them, as well links to placeholders indicating that the webmaster has lost control of the domain.

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Links to external sites do not imply any endorsement or guarantee of content. The webmaster, Bernd Schneider, does not assume any liability or responsibility whatsoever for the operation of, or content at any of the linked resources, nor for any of the interpretations, comments or opinions expressed therein.

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News portals in various languages


Trek Central

The Trek Collective

Trek Report

Star Trek Guide


Trek Radio

TrekZone Network (German)

Star Trek Databas (Swedish) (Czech)



Message boards, chatrooms, fan clubs, conventions

The Trek BBS

Flare Sci-Fi Forums

The Omega Sector BBS


The Federation

Klingon Assault Group


Episode Guides

Information, summaries and reviews of the six series and the movies

Jammer's Reviews

The Cynics Corner

STrek Online

Kethinov - Star Trek Reviews

Chrissie's Transcripts Site

Let's Watch Star Trek

Star Trek HD (German)

Steve's Star Trek: TOS Site

79 Jewels

Star Trek Animated

Guide to Animated Star Trek

Star Trek Fan Companion

Warp Speed To Nonsense

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Delta Blues

STNET - Project V



Categorized information about various topics in one site

Memory Alpha

Memory Beta

Star Trek Expanded Universe

Memory Gamma

Explaining Errors in Star Trek

The STArchive

Star Trek Dimension

Star Trek Minutiae

Green Mole (German)

UFP Info Terminal (German)

Star Trek Lives (German)

HyperTrek (Italian)

Universo Star Trek (Spanish)

USS Phoenix (Polish)

Star Trek Stages History

Fact Trek



Image galleries, sound clips, episode trailers, software


TrekCaps - Ariane's Star Trek Gallery

Final Frontier Media

The Computer Core Dump

The Star Trek Design Project

Star Trek History

Adge's Star Trek LCARS Site

Viking Soft (German)




Role playing games

Bravo Fleet

Sixth Fleet

Shadow Fleet


UFOP: Starbase 118

Independence Fleet

A Call to Duty

Adventure Gaming in the Star Trek Universe



Books & Fan Fiction

Sites about Trek-related literature, with fan stories or films

Orion Press

Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II

Starship Exeter

Starship Farragut

Star Trek Continues

Renegades - The Series

Star Trek: Intrepid

Star Trek: Aurora

Fan Film Factor

Star Trek Reviewed


The Trek Writer's Guild

Star Trek Voyager: Lower Decks

Star Trek: The Final Frontier

Star Trek: The Animated Voyages



Mods, patches and discussion about Trek games

Hailing Frequency

Armada Fleet Command

Star Trek Armada II: Fleet Operations


Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online - JeuxOnLine (French)



Cartoons, parodies and other fun stuff

Stone Trek

Bad Spock Drawings

Shatner's Toupee

Fashion It So

Star Traks Nexus

Five-Minute Voyager / Enterprise


My Star Trek Scrapbook


Actors & Characters

Official and fan-made sites about our heroes (and villains) (Japanese)

Marina Sirtis

Jeri Ryan Online

Linguistics Database

George Takei Official Site

Star Trek Excelsior - Captain Sulu

The Real Brent Spiner

Wil Wheaton dot net


Paris Nights

Trip Hammered

Star Trek Links


Planets & Races

Sites about Klingons, Vulcans, Bajorans, Borg etc.


Klingon Language Institute

Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps

Unimatrix 0-1 (German)


Starships & Treknology

Everything about canon starships and Treknology

Maximum Defiant

Neutral Zone Starship Database

Federation Starship Datalink

Starship Schematic Database

Star Trek Starship Handbooks

Spike's Star Trek Page

Star Trek Unnamed

Jeff Russell's Starship Dimensions

Daystrom Institute Technical Library

Jason Hinson's Physics and Star Trek Page


Trekyards (German)


2D Design

Starships and other fan art on actual or virtual paper

The Art of Lukas D'Anvil

Goodstuff 2

Biraktes Shipyards

Star Trek Star Ship Tactical Combat Simulator

Waxing Moon Design

LCARSGFX - Padsbrat's Doings and Musings

Tadeo D'Oria - 3D and Vector Artist


3D Design

Starships and other stuff modeled in 3D

SciFi Meshes

I'm a work'n on it

The Phoenixium

digitally efx'd geometry

Donny Versiga

Mark Kingsnorth

Xfozzboute's Blog

Holland Space Yards

MadMan's Shipyard

BRStarship's Blog

Rigel 7 Studios

Eavesdropping with Johnny

Ed Giddings -


Models & Props

All about models, props, costumes and how to make them

CultTVman's SF Modeling Page

Starship Modeler's Resource

Model Citizen Reference Guide

A Piece of the Action


Third Wave Design

Wrath of Dhan

Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Authority

Star Trek Auction Listings

The Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Blog

Star Trek + Design

Filmwelt Center

The Kolinahr Museum

Trek Prop Zone

Niner's Paradise

Ferengi Costumes of Star Trek

Star Trek Starship Collection Review

Fleetyard Star Trek Blog

Maritime Science Fiction Modelers

Federation Models


Personal Sites

Trek fan sites or blogs without a specific focus

Trekland - Larry Nemecek

Warp Factor Trek


Star Trek Movie Blog



Forgotten Trek

Star Trek - Sci Fi Blog

Treks in Sci-Fi


Some Kind of Star Trek

Soul of Star Trek

My Year of Star Trek


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