Blackbird Class (2318)



As a scout ship the Blackbird class has assignments within major fleet operations as well as independent missions. The ships exceed the performance of their outdated predecessor types by far, concerning speed (Warp 8.3) and weapons (5 phaser emitters, 3 photon torpedo tubes). Ships of this class operate on either side of the Federation border in the Alpha Quadrant. Due to their high velocity, the ships could easily outrun Cardassian or Tholian pursuers. Nevertheless, three Blackbird-class ships were destroyed in combat, five were decommissioned. The ships which are still in service are supposed to be decommissioned soon and will probably be replaced by the Saber class.





Class specifications
Ship type: Scout
Length: 104m
Width: 80m
Height: 20m
Crew complement: 22
Max. speed: Warp 8.3
Commissioned ships
USS Blackbird NCC-13925
USS Labrador NCC-13995
USS Charon NCC-14028
USS Patriot NCC-14029
USS Pamir NCC-14030
USS Panther NCC-14031
USS Hollywood NCC-14036
USS Tiberius NCC-14274
USS Baltimore NCC-14275
USS Cor Caroli NCC-14276
USS Bussard NCC-14277
USS Falkland NCC-16285
USS Clemenceau NCC-16286
USS Reliant NCC-19820
USS Lindbergh NCC-20273
USS Zuerich NCC-26741
USS Hubble NCC-26742
USS Urga NCC-26743



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