Bolivar Class (2264)



The starships of the Bolivar class were a further development of the Detroit class, following the expected success of the warp propulsion system that was on the drawing boards for the Asia-class upgrade at Copernicus Ship Yards. Unlike it was the case with the Asia, Starfleet's explicit wish was to develop a completely new starship instead of upgrading the Detroit class from which only the basic spaceframe of the saucer was taken. With the new warp propulsion system being the same as on the Asia refit, the direction the Bolivar design would take was clear, and the prototype was completed only six years after the start of the project. Even more than the Detroit, the Bolivar class was designed as a multi-purpose vessel for exploration, diplomatic missions and tactical assignments. The engineers devised a special module on the top of the saucer hull to hold miscellaneous scientific labs that could be quickly interchanged, but only a weapons module found its way into production when relations to the Klingons once again deteriorated around 2266. Copernicus Ship Yards launched the prototype, USS Bolivar, in 2264.

In the meantime, Starfleet had assigned the development of an alternative design to a syndicate of San Francisco Fleet Yards and 40-Eridani-A Fleet Yards, the Miranda class. When both ship classes were in regular service, it soon turned out that the Miranda class had the better overall performance concerning propulsion, weapons and sensors, but these ships were also 25% more expensive in construction and maintenance than a Bolivar class. When Starfleet finally decided to halt the production of the Bolivar class in 2282, the Miranda class won the competition and should become the most built major Starfleet vessel of all times. After that, the Bolivar-class starships were rebuilt to serve as mere research vessels. The last ship was taken out of service in 2328.





Class specifications
Ship type: Light cruiser
Length: 198m
Width: 146m
Height: 58m
Crew complement: 296
Max. speed: Warp 5.9
Commissioned ships
USS Bolivar NCC-1880
USS Mistral NCC-1913
USS Dublin NCC-1934
USS Stonehenge NCC-1967
USS Calypso NCC-1968
USS Sea Lion NCC-1969
USS Tolstoy NCC-1970
USS Teheran NCC-1971
USS Siegen NCC-1995
USS Kilimanjaro NCC-1996
USS Cartagena NCC-1997
USS Scientia NCC-1998
USS Sutherland NCC-2115
USS Neptune NCC-2183


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