Boreth Class (2348)



The Boreth class is a medium-sized ship type of the Klingon Defense Force mainly intended to replace the aging K't'inga battlecruisers. The development of the new class was initiated in 2330 when, after a long period of relative peace, the Klingon High Council recognized the need to replace much of their military technology that had seen few improvements in the past few decades. However, it was not until the new outbursts of Romulan aggression which included the massacres of Khitomer and Narendra III that the vessels went into series production.

The class is laid out to act as a heavy-duty combat ship as well as a troop transport with medium capacity. The ships are equipped with the usual disruptor cannons and photon torpedo tubes facing forward and backward. Compared to previous designs their cloaking device has been significantly improved. Cloaked Boreth-class vessels are invisible to Starfleet sensors - overall, their cloaking is considered almost on par with the Romulan system. This is no surprise since, according to Starfleet Intelligence, many of its components are based on a Romulan cloaking device captured intact in the battle of Kitora, one of several Klingon campaigns following the Narendra III massacre. Ships of the Boreth class have a standard complement of 510, plus up to 1000 troops. Two large shuttlebays for assault shuttles and landing crafts are installed on the ventral side of the ship, augmented by six high-volume personnel transporters. The exact number of Boreth-class ships is unknown, however, it appears that after a temporary production pause the conflict with the Federation and ultimately the Dominion War was the incentive to build several more batches of this vessel type. Still, most of the Klingon fleets prefer the Vor'cha attack cruisers, since this somewhat larger class was introduced around 2365 and proved successful in the Klingon Civil War of 2368.





Class specifications
Ship type: Battlecruiser
Length: 406m
Width: 171m
Height: 70m
Crew complement: 510
Max. speed: Warp 9.65
Commissioned ships
IKC Boreth (designations of further ships not available)


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