Bremen Class (2369)



Supplementary starships of various types were required after the Battle of Wolf 359, among them vessels smaller than the Excelsior class. Based on an engineering hull design developed in the 2350's, the Bremen-class starships were equipped with the most recent weapons, computer system and warp drive. Nevertheless the ships were not up to date, so only few of them were built. Meanwhile the highly sophisticated Intrepid class is available, which can be regarded as the Bremen-class successor with its similar size and shape of the saucer hull. The Bremen class, however, has the tactical advantage of a saucer separation. Furthermore the saucer has two warp nacelles attached to its underside which enable this part of the ship to achieve a short-term speed of Warp 8.





Class specifications
Ship type: Frigate
Length: 327m
Width: 106m
Height: 61m
Crew complement: 127
Max. speed: Warp 9.90
Commissioned ships
USS Bremen NCC-73022
USS Edinburgh NCC-73036
USS Yokohama NCC-73240
USS Baltimore NCC-73241
USS Luanda NCC-73242
USS Palermo NCC-73295
USS Rostov NCC-73296
USS Qingdao NCC-73333
USS Guam NCC-73688
USS Gibraltar NCC-73689
USS Tirana NCC-74225



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