Buenos Aires Class (2360)



The design objective of the Buenos Aires class is essentially the same as of the slightly larger Himalaya class. The development of the Buenos Aires class started five years later and therefore rather profited from the new technology that was going to be incorporated in the Galaxy class too. In comparison to the Himalaya, the warp drive, optical data network and sensor systems could be improved, and despite its smaller size, the overall performance of the Buenos Aires was rated better by both the yard engineers and the crews. One special feature is an auxiliary spacecraft, usually dubbed "boat", which is docked to the saucer underside. While not providing the comfort of the captain's yacht of a Galaxy class, the impulse-driven "boat" is equipped with sensors and structural reinforcement for planetary research. The ships were supposed to be employed for different purposes within the Federation territory as well as in unexplored space.

The Buenos Aires class was among the ship types intended to replace the Excelsior class. However, due to the losses in the recent Borg battles and the Dominion War Excelsior-class starships were required for additional tasks and will be still in service for several years. Production of the Buenos Aires class has temporarily been stopped in favor of better armed ships like the Akira class and Sovereign class. It is expected to be continued by 2380, as soon as Starfleet has reached its nominal strength again and a mass decommissioning of Excelsior-class ships will take place. Utopia Planitia and Cochrane Fleet Yards are currently working on an upgrade of the Buenos Aires class which will have Type-10 phasers and an additional quantum torpedo launcher.





Class specifications
Ship type: Heavy cruiser
Length: 508m
Width: 263m
Height: 98m
Crew complement: 507
Max. speed: Warp 9.65
Commissioned ships
USS Buenos Aires NCC-69337
USS Den Haag NCC-69338
USS Calcutta NCC-69339
USS St. Petersburg NCC-69456
USS Canberra NCC-69457
USS Frankfurt NCC-69458
USS Lagos NCC-69459
USS Brazzaville NCC-69460
USS Marseille NCC-69461
USS Brasilia NCC-69513
USS Kyoto NCC-69514
USS San Diego NCC-70388
USS Nairobi NCC-70389
USS Baghdad NCC-70862
USS Anchorage NCC-70863
USS Quebec NCC-70864
USS Napoli NCC-71055
USS Beijing NCC-71056
USS Rangoon NCC-71057
USS Durban NCC-73957
USS Lhasa NCC-73958
USS Reykjavik NCC-73959



Thanks to Jay Hagen for his 3D model and to Tadeo D'Oria for the MSD and bridge.


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