Fabrux Class (2359)



The Fabrux class (pronounced fah-brooks), named after the first Bolian to enter orbit of his homeworld, is in production since 2359. These ships will replace some older production-run Trenton-class tenders which, after extended use, are currently being decommissioned and sold to civilian traders. The Fabrux class is used to re-arm and resupply, and to repair and tow the various Starfleet vessels in operation across Federation space. Two extendable manipulator arms with tool replicators on the ship's top and one umbilical on the bottom allow fast repairs and transfer of supplies, respectively. In addition, the vessel features a large three-deck shuttlebay with direct access to the cargo bays. The Fabrux class was the first support vessel to come equipped with sophisticated weapons and defense systems, which has become the norm in most Starfleet production vessels since the Borg Invasion of 2366/67. Unlike previous Starfleet tenders, the Fabrux is equipped with a high-powered warp propulsion system and impulse nozzles, which provide high escape speeds to further lengthen the life span of these new high-tech tenders. Like most support and transport vessels, the Fabrux class is being produced in large numbers.





Class specifications
Ship type: Tender
Length: 238m
Width: 150m
Height: 50m
Crew complement: 120
Max. speed: Warp 8.0
Commissioned ships
USS Fabrux NCC-70312
USS Apogee NCC-70313
USS Prixxoral NCC-70314
USS Colbert NCC-70315
USS Nutter NCC-70316
USS Rapp NCC-70317
USS Yande NCC-70318
USS Hannawah NCC-70319
USS McReynolds NCC-70320
USS Swantak NCC-70321
USS Walker NCC-71388
USS Delmonica NCC-71389
USS Carlson NCC-71390
USS Ellis NCC-71391
USS Advantage NCC-71392
USS Shelton NCC-71393
USS Artale NCC-71394
USS Shermer NCC-71395
USS Rittman NCC-71396
USS Gerratana NCC-71397
USS Schneider NCC-71398
USS Keith NCC-71399
USS Klamazoo NCC-71400
USS Hammerfest NCC-71401
USS Iraklion NCC-71402
USS Nee NCC-71403
USS Regent NCC-71404
USS Roraima NCC-71405
USS Boxxal Mat NCC-71406
USS Rühl NCC-71580
USS Martin NCC-71581
USS Herald NCC-71582
USS Bohn NCC-71583
USS Smith NCC-71584
USS Saloniemi NCC-73008
USS Lombard NCC-73009
USS Wilmington NCC-73010
USS Bajkal NCC-73011
USS Equality NCC-73853
USS Sharp NCC-73854
USS Doddema NCC-73855
USS Harot NCC-73856
USS T'Var NCC-73857
USS Haleb NCC-73858
USS Valtane NCC-73859
USS Alouette NCC-75264
USS Formosa NCC-75265
USS Westerwald NCC-75266
USS Sunflower NCC-75267
USS Fort Worth NCC-75268
USS Shalik NCC-75269
USS Trekrendik NCC-75270
USS Cheng NCC-75271


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Idea and 3D design by Michael Chandler, transferred to 2D by Bernd Schneider, name by Chris Martin ;-) Thanks to Sandman3D for his 3D model.


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