Federation Type (2377)



The USS Federation is the prototype of a huge starship that even noticeably exceeds the Galaxy class in size. At first it was questionable, if such a ship could ever be built, since the threat by the Dominion and the Borg created a need for rather small but well armed vessels. To meet also the latter requirement, the Federation class is equipped with the most recent weapon types which can also be found in the Defiant and the Sovereign class. However, the Federation has more than three times the fire power of the Sovereign class and is supposed to be superior to any ship of the known enemies except for the Borg. In addition, the Federation class features an unprecedented scientific, medical and technical equipment which is rather comparable to a starbase than to a usual starship. Without being resupplied, the ship can operate in space for five years. There are cabins for more than 20,000 potential passengers. The Federation has two large shuttlebays with usually six runabouts, ten fighters and a number of smaller shuttles.





Class specifications
Ship type: Explorer
Length: 823m
Width: 446m
Height: 144m
Crew complement: 1236
Max. speed: Warp 9.985
Commissioned ships
USS Federation NX-78773


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