Hanseatic Class (2347)



The Hanseatic class is a large cargo ship that predominantly serves to transport personnel and bulky military or scientific equipment, e.g. for the construction of outposts. Furthermore the ships are among the most advanced tugs of the fleet and can tow even the largest starships at speeds up to Warp 6. The tractor beam emitter as well as a huge shuttle bay are located in the stern section. The ships of the Hanseatic class are all in active service. They are distributed throughout the Federation space to ensure a short reaction time whenever a tug is required. The estimated remaining lifetime of the ships is 50 years.





Class specifications
Ship type: Transport / tug
Length: 341m
Width: 146m
Height: 66m
Crew complement: 88
Max. speed: Warp 8.4
Commissioned ships
USS Hanseatic NCC-50567
USS Normandie NCC-52232
USS Mauretania NCC-52398
USS Queen Mary NCC-52399
USS Columbus NCC-52400
USS Great Western NCC-54344
USS Typhoon NCC-59821
USS Orca NCC-59822
USS Bering NCC-60632
USS Marco Polo NCC-60633
USS Topaz NCC-60634
USS Seal NCC-61694
USS Robert Scott NCC-61695


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