K'mpec Class (2370)



In the late 24th century the Bird-of-Prey is still the backbone of the Klingon fleet. There have been several efforts of the Klingon Defense Force to find a replacement, however, none of the proposed designs turned out suited to take over all assignments of the Bird-of-Prey. The IKC K'mpec is the most recent among these designs. The main design goal was to combine the maneuverability of the Bird-of-Prey with the firepower and endurance of the larger battlecruisers. The K'mpec is supposed to be a match for the Defiant, however, it is probably less maneuverable. No other ship of the class except for the IKC K'mpec has been sighted yet. It is not clear, whether the Klingons push ship development in the course of the Dominion War, or rather rely on mass production of conventional designs.





Class specifications
Ship type: Frigate
Length: 238m
Width: 161m
Height: 45m
Crew complement: 180
Max. speed: Warp 9.6
Commissioned ships
IKC K'mpec (no other ships sighted yet)


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