Mosquito Class (2354)



Towards the middle of the 24th century the Advanced Starship Design Bureau (ASDB) devised plans for a new ship type, informally dubbed "runabout", with a size in between a usual personnel transport and a shuttlecraft. The existing designs in this size range were often older than 50 years and their retirement was due. The new Mosquito class combines sufficient cargo capacity and a relatively high velocity and long operation range. Up to 60 passengers can be accommodated, with an emergency limit of 250. The designation as runabout is official since the Danube class has been introduced in 2369. Nevertheless, there are considerable differences between the two runabout classes. The Mosquito class is much larger and faster, however, its fabrication is more extensive and it requires a crew complement of four in normal operation. In addition, this runabout version is not designed to use standard shuttle bays in starbases. The Mosquito class is currently being built in large numbers.





Class specifications
Ship type: Runabout
Length: 69m
Width: 41m
Height: 14m
Crew complement: 4
Max. speed: Warp 8.8
Commissioned ships
USS Mosquito NCC-60500
USS Fulgur NCC-60508
USS Austin NCC-60509
USS Veneto NCC-60510
USS Aida NCC-60697
USS Red Sea NCC-60698
USS Kodiak NCC-61225
USS Port-au-Prince NCC-61226
USS Jervis NCC-61227
USS Courageous NCC-62348
USS Pallas NCC-62349
USS East Anglia NCC-62350
USS Belo Horizonte NCC-62351
USS Kumano NCC-63587
USS Baleares NCC-63588
USS Chesapeake NCC-64192
USS Star City NCC-65739
USS Ark Royal NCC-65740
USS Prince NCC-65741
USS Pathfinder NCC-66888
USS Baffinland NCC-68752
USS Peacock NCC-68923
USS Salzburg NCC-68924
USS Kensington NCC-68925
USS Arrow NCC-68926
USS Brandenburg NCC-68927
USS Devonshire NCC-69942
USS Algonkin NCC-69985
USS New Mexico NCC-69986
USS Sabah NCC-71874
USS Mombasa NCC-71875
USS Hessen NCC-71876
USS Phobos NCC-72265
USS Deimos NCC-72266
USS Hotspur NCC-72267
USS Malibu NCC-72268
USS New Hampshire NCC-74184
USS Excellent NCC-74185
USS Bastille NCC-74186



Thanks to Robert Crosswell for his 3D model.


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