Patria Class (2368)



Starships of the Galaxy class are the largest, most complex and most expensive of Starfleet. After a relatively short development period the USS Patria was built as a somewhat simpler alternative, employing more efficient production methods. This ship is slightly smaller and was supposed to be almost equivalent to a Galaxy-class starship. Nevertheless, the performance of the Patria was at most satisfactory, so it was not intended to build further units after the first tests. The situation changed when the battle of Wolf 359 disclosed a need for heavily armed starships. Starfleet decided to build the easily changeable Patria class with improved armament. So five more starships of this class were commissioned within a few years. Despite the obvious lack of huge starships, it is not clear whether production of the Patria class will be continued, since the Sovereign class is meanwhile available.





Class specifications
Ship type: Explorer
Length: 656m
Width: 344m
Height: 123m
Crew complement: 952
Max. speed: Warp 9.85
Commissioned ships
USS Patria NCC-72035
USS Massachusetts NCC-73849
USS Kremlin NCC-73869
USS Horizon NCC-73948
USS Atlantis NCC-73961
USS Fujisan NCC-74073


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