Ramses Class (2366)



Since there was no need for large warships, only few starships of the Akira class were built at first. However, a few years prior to the battle of Wolf 359 Starfleet began construction of a new type of starship instead that could serve as escort and light warship, the Ramses class. Unlike other starships the Ramses class has a small bow module that includes the bridge, the officers' quarters and a small scientific department. Battle stations are distributed throughout the ship in order to reduce vulnerability. In addition, a number of redundant systems are installed, e.g. a second independent impulse reactor and EPS. The Ramses class features foldable warp nacelles for optimum warp field geometry adaptation. With a maximum speed of Warp 9.92 these starships were the fastest of the fleet until the Intrepid class was introduced. 29 units have been completed so far. The Defiant can be regarded as a competitive design. However, while the weapon systems of the Defiant class are more advanced, the Ramses class is superior with respect to non-military assignments. Like many other vessels, several starships of the Ramses class are undergoing repairs after the Dominion War, and they receive the latest attack and defense technology, including multiphasic shields and quantum torpedoes.





Class specifications
Ship type: Escort
Length: 214m
Width: 124m
Height: 48m
Crew complement: 89
Max. speed: Warp 9.92
Commissioned ships
USS Ramses NCC-71184
USS Charlemagne NCC-71230
USS Napoleon NCC-71231
USS Victoria NCC-71232
USS Charles de Gaulle NCC-71245
USS Friedrich II NCC-71246
USS Leonardo da Vinci NCC-71247
USS Mary Stuart NCC-71248
USS James Cook NCC-71543
USS Nelson NCC-71544
USS Socrates NCC-71669
USS Augustus NCC-71670
USS Cleopatra NCC-71900
USS Churchill NCC-71901
USS Solomon NCC-71902
USS Nimitz NCC-71903
USS King Arthur NCC-72204
USS Jefferson NCC-72239
USS Shaka Zulu NCC-72240
USS Montezuma NCC-72241
USS Alexander NCC-72275
USS Cheops NCC-72276
USS Truman NCC-72687
USS Peter the Great NCC-72688
USS Hammurabi NCC-72689
USS Perikles NCC-73487
USS Solon NCC-73488
USS Homer NCC-73489
USS Garibaldi NCC-73490
USS Ataturk NCC-73491


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