Resolute Class (2373)



The Resolute class is a novel starship type with a size between the Intrepid and the Sovereign class. With so many ships lost with all hands throughout the centuries, passive security was one of the primary design objective at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. The spherical main hull is detachable. While not threatened by antimatter explosions, plasma leaks in the nacelles are a frequent reason for the destruction or severe damages of starships. This is why the whole nacelle assembly may be jettisoned too. The main bridge is not attached to the outer hull as in conventional Starfleet ships, but is located on decks 15 and 16 in the center of the primary hull, well shielded against direct hits. The Resolute class is also the first starship type with two separate and independently operational warp cores, one for normal operation and the second one as a redundancy system. The second warp core is usually in a stand-by modus, and is able to kick in only 10 seconds after it is requested. Pulse phaser cannons as in the Defiant class and bioelectric circuits as in the Intrepid class complete the modern equipment.

Although the USS Resolute was only meant as a testbed, Starfleet Command soon approved of four further ships of this class, with only minor changes to the prototype. The USS Nimrod was just about to be commissioned at Utopia Planitia when a Breen task force broke through the defenses of the Sol system. Starfleet's First Fleet did not anticipate this attack and was not able to intercept the Breen, so it was up to unmanned drones, planetary defense systems and the few operational starships to stop them. The Nimrod arrived at Earth simultaneously with the first wave of Breen fighters and eliminated three of them. With more Federation ships in orbit, the second Breen wave didn't stand a chance. The Nimrod alone destroyed two large Breen cruisers and six fighters, and the redundant warp core saved the ship when the Breen employed what seemed like a less advanced version of their energy damping weapon (it appears that they wanted to veil their true capabilities until the second battle of Chin'toka, therefore they didn't send their most recent ships to the suicide attack on Earth). Anyway, without the Nimrod, several cities on Earth would have sustained destructions similar to the one of Starfleet Headquarters. The Nimrod's performance in this battle may have facilitated the decision to build still ten more ships of the Resolute class.





Class specifications
Ship type: Light cruiser
Length: 363m
Width: 146m
Height: 124m
Crew complement: 304
Max. speed: Warp 9.96
Commissioned ships
USS Resolute NCC-75631
USS Consul NCC-75640
USS Octopus NCC-75641
USS Nimrod NCC-75698
USS Capitol NCC-75715


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