Shogun Class (2307)



The Shogun class was developed by the 40 Eridani-A Shipyards as a supplemental design to the Miranda class. The large Franklin class saucer hull was employed to provide more room for scientific equipment, while the warp nacelles were the only components directly adopted from the Miranda. Although the prototype USS Shogun showed promising results, it was decided to build no more than the originally ordered four units. At first, the ships were mainly employed for exploration. After more powerful ships for this task had been introduced, namely the Ambassador class, the Shogun-class ships were fitted with additional photon torpedo tubes beneath the saucer hull and served in the defense forces. Three of these ships are still in service.





Class specifications
Ship type: Light Cruiser
Length: 300m
Width: 172m
Height: 49m
Crew complement: 180
Max. speed: Warp 7.5
Commissioned ships
USS Shogun NCC-5382
USS Portland NCC-6677
USS Mercury NCC-6678
USS Medusa NCC-6679


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