Tanganyika Class (2334)



The light cruisers of the Tanganyika class fit into the gap between the heavy cruisers of the Ambassador and Excelsior classes and the frigates of the New Orleans class, for instance. At the time they were first commissioned the Tanganyika-class ships were the fastest in the fleet with a maximum velocity of Warp 9.4. The Tanganyika class has two shuttle bays which usually hold 23 shuttlecrafts, three more than the larger Excelsior class. Exploration and securing the Federation borders in the Alpha and Beta Quadrant are among the primary assignments of this ship class. Some ships were also employed for science missions in remote space regions. 23 ships were commissioned until 2357, and proved to be very reliable. Most of the ships are currently being equipped with multilayer shields and quantum torpedoes.





Class specifications
Ship type: Light cruiser
Length: 371m
Width: 199m
Height: 79m
Crew complement: 386
Max. speed: Warp 9.4
Commissioned ships
USS Tanganyika NCC-42530
USS Los Angeles NCC-45391
USS Bravery NCC-45392
USS Hispaniola NCC-45393
USS Prosperity NCC-48729
USS Cutty Sark NCC-48730
USS Anatolia NCC-48731
USS Zenith NCC-48732
USS Krakow NCC-48733
USS Shark NCC-48734
USS Leipzig NCC-50650
USS Navajo NCC-50651
USS Colorado NCC-56762
USS Aldebaran NCC-56763
USS Democracy NCC-56764
USS Malta NCC-59524
USS Kinshasa NCC-59525
USS Humboldt NCC-59526
USS Caucasus NCC-60977
USS Apache NCC-60978
USS Centurion NCC-60979
USS Deneva NCC-64264
USS Whale NCC-64265
USS Bayern NCC-64266
USS Harare NCC-64267
USS Boa Vista NCC-65237
USS Freetown NCC-65238
USS Falcon NCC-65239



Thanks to The Red Admiral for his 3D model.


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