Tenochtitlan Class (2333)



Oberth-class science vessels were found to be insufficiently equipped for long term research missions in remote star systems. For this task the much larger Tenochtitlan class was developed, and six units were built. The saucer section is the same as of the Venus class, whereas the powerful warp drive is a completely new development. Though primarily designated as science vessels, the Tenochtitlan class features extensive armament which fulfills the standard of a frigate. Instead of the standard sensor pod the ships can also be fitted with an additional torpedo tube. Two starships of this class were lost, the remaining four are still in service.





Class specifications
Ship type: Research vessel
Length: 315m
Width: 227m
Height: 87m
Crew complement: 116
Max. speed: Warp 8.5
Commissioned ships
USS Tenochtitlan NCC-41786
USS Zimbabwe NCC-41787
USS Troy NCC-46192
USS Carthage NCC-47521
USS Persepolis NCC-50332
USS Karakorum NCC-53858



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