Venus Class (2330)



The USS Venus mainly served to test new propulsion technologies and hull construction principles. The compact arrangement of hull and warp engines was supposed to have advantageous influence on the warp field geometry. The rounded shape resembles that of the Galaxy class that was being developed during the following decades, partially based on the experiences with the Venus design. For the first time the starship could be separated and reassembled as a normal operation. After a successful test phase Starfleet decided to build more starships of the Venus class. However, eventually more common and less expensive designs such as the Excelsior class were preferred, such that a series production was not established. Three Venus-class starships are still active and are employed for exploration in the Beta Quadrant.





Class specifications
Ship type: Light cruiser
Length: 420m
Width: 227m
Height: 91m
Crew complement: 265
Max. speed: Warp 8.1
Commissioned ships
USS Venus NCC-38517
USS Mars NCC-40884
USS Jupiter NCC-40885
USS Rigel NCC-40886
USS Deneb NCC-41253



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