Vladivostok Class (2338)



The Vladivostok class replaces and supplements Starfleet's transport fleet currently consisting of considerably different ship designs some of which date back more than 100 years. The compact design is similar to that of the Sydney-class personnel transports, however, the Vladivostok class mainly serves to carry cargo, with accommodations for just 100 passengers. Due to its powerful and durable warp core and relatively high speed these starships are suited to operate at the Federation borders where they can serve as military supply vessels in case of a conflict. For this purpose the Vladivostok is also equipped with phaser arrays and photon torpedoes. These amendments were made in the final stage of the design, when the conflict with the Cardassians emerged. After a first batch, consisting only of USS Vladivostok NCC-46920 and USS Zanzibar NCC-46921, had been delivered, the production of further vessels was halted. It had been discovered that the plasma couplings would not withstand the peak power of the new phaser arrays. The power system was redesigned in later vessels, while the phasers of the first two ships of the class remained throttled.

After several older cruiser-type starships like the Miranda had been converted to cargo ships, the series production of the Vladivostok class was temporarily discontinued in the 2350's. It can be expected that more ships are going to be built in the 2380's when many ships of the Antares class and the Sydney class will reach the end of their scheduled lifespan. It was intended to develop a larger variant that can also transport settlers with bulky equipment, but this is most likely going to be no variant of the Vladivostok, but a completely new ship type.





Class specifications
Ship type: Freighter
Length: 154m
Width: 75m
Height: 34m
Crew complement: 32
Max. speed: Warp 7.2
Commissioned ships
USS Vladivostok NCC-46920
USS Zanzibar NCC-46921
USS Saigon NCC-46948
USS Tel Aviv NCC-46949
USS Nassau NCC-46950
USS Vilnius NCC-46951
USS Belem NCC-46952
USS Ottawa NCC-46953
USS Florida NCC-46954
USS Bristol NCC-46955
USS Granada NCC-46956
USS Taimyr NCC-47096
USS Tianjin NCC-47097
USS Narvik NCC-47098
USS Karachi NCC-47459
USS Kingston NCC-47460
USS Ladoga NCC-47461
USS Belfast NCC-47462
USS Rocky Mountains NCC-47463
USS New Guinea NCC-47464
USS La Paz NCC-48395
USS Atacama NCC-48396
USS Samoa NCC-49004
USS Auckland NCC-49005
USS Alberta NCC-49006
USS Nevada NCC-49007
USS Helsinki NCC-51824
USS Warszawa NCC-51825
USS Yucatan NCC-51826
USS Zagreb NCC-51827
USS Pusan NCC-53261
USS Sinai NCC-53906
USS Norrbotten NCC-53907
USS Kuala Lumpur NCC-57942
USS Patras NCC-57943
USS Zaragoza NCC-57944
USS Gold Coast NCC-57945
USS Schleswig-Holstein NCC-57946
USS Kalahari NCC-59327
USS Sumatra NCC-59328
USS Montevideo NCC-59329



Thanks to Peiper for his 3D model.


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