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A joint project with TrekCore, by Jörg Hillebrand and Bernd Schneider

Here are some observations about sets, props and visual effects in TNG: "Clues" without a specific theme, and a comparison of the original TV release (TNG) with the remastered episode (TNG-R).

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Description TNG Other caps Comparison TNG to TNG-R Description TNG-R
The USS Enterprise-D approaches the Ngame Nebula. The footage of the ship was originally created for "The Wounded" where the ship flies alongside the USS Phoenix.
"The Wounded"
The nebula was digitally edited for TNG-R to look more diffuse.
The USS Enterprise-D at the border of the Ngame Nebula.
Worf's mok'bara class appears for the first time in this episode. This is the only appearance of the green and orange mats and wall decoration, though. The mok'bara exercises in TNG-R.
The medical device Doctor Crusher uses to grow samples of Diomedian scarlet moss was created for this episode. It is later seen in the background in several Voyager episodes in Voyager's sickbay.
VOY: "Parallax"

VOY: "Phage"
In HD, the name "Chamberlin virus" can be read under the graphs. This is most likely a reference to Amanda Chamberlin, a costumer who worked on TNG at that time.
Crusher is conducting her experiments in the small medical lab. Behind her, a biomonitor readout created for "Transfigurations" can be seen. The readout also appeared in "The Best of Both Worlds II".

"The Best of Both Worlds II"
No changes
While extensive changes were made to the Dixon Hill sets between "The Big Goodbye" and "Manhunt", the general layout of the set is identical in "Manhunt" and "Clues", while the set decoration is vastly different. One piece of set decoration that appears in all three episodes, though, is the portrait of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
"The Big Goodbye"

The set as it appears in TNG-R.






A T-Tauri type star within the Ngame Nebula is seen on the viewscreen of the USS Enterprise-D. The nebula and the wormhole were edited for TNG-R.
Several shots of the Paxan wormhole as seen on the main viewscreen of the USS Enterprise-D.
This is the third and final appearance of this shot of the USS Enterprise-D launching a probe. It was originally created for "Where Silence Has Lease" and also appeared in "The Enemy".
"Where Silence Has Lease"

"The Enemy"
The remastered episode uses the same shot as in TNG-R: "The Enemy", not the one from TNG-R: "Where Silence Has Lease".
The small medical lab adjacent to sickbay was last seen in "Evolution". Wesley Crusher conducted his nanite experiments in this lab.
No changes
The microscope seen in the lab in this episode appeared in several earlier and later Star Trek episodes.
"The Icarus Factor"
No changes
The medical LCARS display seen to the right of Doctor Crusher has appeared in many earlier episodes. It was first seen being displayed on a medical monitor in "The Naked Now". The graphic was seen up close in "Unnatural Selection" and was also seen in the larger medical lab in "Transfigurations". Here, the graphic is seen upside down.
"The Naked Now"

"Unnatural Selection"
No changes

Another good look at the device used by Doctor Crusher to grow Diomedian scarlet moss. In the first screenshot, it can barely be made out that the LCARS wall terminal in the background displays a graphic of the Psi 2000 virus/polywater created for "The Naked Now".
"The Naked Now"
We can se the props and the graphic better in HD.
The leftmost of the four medical consoles seen in the background actually is a medical monitor, lying on its back here, seen in several earlier episodes like "The Schizoid Man" and "Shades of Gray".
"The Schizoid Man"

"Shades of Gray"
A better look at the console in HD.
Tethys III and its primary are seen on the main viewscreen. The planet was recreated for TNG-R.
These open circuits in main engineering also appeared in "Family".
The circuit board in HD.
This is the only episode in which an extensively animated version of the biobed monitor is seen. The animated graphic, whose colors appear slightly different from the static version of the display, was added in post production.
"Dark Page"
The animation was recreated for TNG-R.
The ladder leading to the second level of main engineering was last seen in use in "Brothers".
No changes
This part of Data's head was also seen opened in "The Best of Both Worlds II".
"The Best of Both Worlds II"
A much better look at the circuitry, including 20th century resistors, in HD.
Geordi's red engineering PADD can be seen up close in this screenshot. The PADD was originally created for use by Dexter Remmick in the season 1 episode "Coming of Age" and has not been changed since.
"Coming of Age"
In HD, we can read the number "40271", evidence that the display was created for season 1.

"Coming of Age"
An image of Tethys III and its primary is seen on an engineering monitor and on the monitor in Data's quarters. In HD, new graphs were added to the displays.
Two sculptures, often seen in Data's quarters, also appear in this episode. One of the two sculptures originally appeared in Lwaxana Troi's guest quarters in "Haven" and the other one made its debut on Rubicun III in "Justice", while both appeared on Delta Rana IV in "The Survivors".

"The Survivors"
No changes

The glass sailing boat seen behind Worf first appeared in Picard's ready room in "The Wounded".
"The Wounded"
No changes
The true appearance of the Paxan homeworld is seen on the bridge viewscreen of the USS Enterprise-D. The Paxan homeworld as well as the light effect were redone for TNG-R.
The Paxans send a member of their species towards the USS Enterprise-D.
A Paxan flies towards the USS Enterprise-D and lights up the ship's deflector shields within the Ngame Nebula. The footage of the ship was originally created for "The Hunted". It was slightly reduced in size for this shot.
"The Hunted"
The nebula was newly created for TNG-R, and it looks like the Enterprise 4-foot model was digitally enhanced too.
The Paxan intruder enters Deanna Troi's body. The redone effect in TNG-R.
Nobody has been seen entering Data's quarters through this side door since season 2's "Peak Performance". As can be seen in the screenshot from that episode, the corridor behind the door still featured a regular paneled corridor wall back then.
"Peak Performance"
No changes
A larger image of the Paxans in orbit of their homeworld. The space sequences in TNG-R.
A nice shot of the Paxans slowly approaching the USS Enterprise-D in the close proximity of the Paxan homeworld. The footage of the USS Enterprise-D was originally created for "Reunion", where the ship faced three Klingon ships.
The Paxans try to invade the USS Enterprise-D and envelop its shield bubble. The side view of the ship was newly created for this episode, using the 4-foot model of the ship. A screenshot from earlier in the episode, with an additional screenshot from "Booby Trap" show what the 6-foot model looks like from this perspective, while a screenshot from "Time Squared" shows the 2-foot model from a similar angle.
"Booby Trap"

"Time Squared"


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