Observations in TNG: "Hero Worship"

A joint project with TrekCore, by Jörg Hillebrand and Bernd Schneider

Here are some observations about sets, props and visual effects in TNG: "Hero Worship" without a specific theme, and a comparison of the original TV release (TNG) with the remastered Hero Worship (TNG-R).

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Description TNG Other caps Comparison TNG to TNG-R Description TNG-R
A shot of the 4-foot model of the Enterprise-D.
Enterprise Flybys in TNG and TNG-R
In TNG-R, we see a similar shot with the 4-foot model, as the original footage was missing. Actually, it is a shot of the Enterprise flying into the opposite direction that was mirror-inverted.
A first look at the black cluster investigated in this episode. TNG apparently uses the same footage of the black cluster as in the original episode.
The SS Vico adrift in the black cluster. A damaged Oberth-class vessel model was specifically built for this episode.
Size of the Oberth Class
The damaged ship in HD.
A first look at the extent of the damage inside the SS Vico. In the background, parts of an LCARS display featuring a graphic of the SS Vico can be seen. The same graphic will be seen in its entirety when the away team beams to the ship in a few seconds. Comparing the two shots, one can see that the footage was actually flipped for the first shot of the SS Vico corridors. Close-ups of the LCARS displays in HD.
Among the debris in the Vico corridors is a test cylinder, seen in episodes such as "The Ensigns of Command" and "Hollow Pursuits".
"The Ensigns of Command"
No changes
A similar large wall console is usually seen in the USS Enterprise-D's science lab. In "The Mind's Eye", when the set was redressed as a tactical lab, the large monitor displayed a different stellar map.
"The Mind's Eye"
The graphic in HD.
This data transfer device (for lack of a better word) appears for the first time in this episode. It will be seen a few more times, in "Relics", "Aquiel" and "Emergence".

The prop in HD.

This part of the SS Vico set is a re-use of the biolab seen in the previous episode. The set was originally created for "A Matter of Time", however, where it was seen as the science lab on Penthara IV.
"A Matter of Time"

"New Ground"
No changes

"A Matter of Time"

"New Ground"
The Starfleet Operations LCARS display behind Picard was first seen up close in the season 4 episode "Brothers". It seems to have not changed since then. We can positively identify the heading in HD.
This console on the SS Vico was originally created for "Data's Day" where it appeared in the replicating center.
"Data's Day"
No changes
The new damaged Oberth class model is nicely seen in this shot. The footage of the USS Enterprise-D was newly filmed for this episode, using the 4-foot model. A comparison shot from "The Outrageous Okona" shows the 6-foot model from a similar perspective.
"The Outrageous Okona"
We can recognize many more details of the damaged model in HD.
Several nice LCARS displays of the Oberth class vessel SS Vico are seen in this episode. For some reason, the graphics are slightly different in the shots featuring Geordi and Picard and the close-ups. This can be noticed by looking at the areas that are colored red; they differ between shots. It also seems half of the line in the upper half of the graphic is missing in the first screenshot. Until the episode "The Game", the monitor displaying the graphic was located on the opposite wall in main engineering. It first appeared on this side of main engineering in "A Matter of Time". The large monitor usually displays a graphic of the USS Enterprise-D.
"Identity Crisis"
We can recognize many more details on the (reconstructed) graphics, but the labels are still not legible in HD.

"The Game"

"A Matter of Time"
More shots of the SS Vico and rows of numbers displayed on the main engineering monitor, which is part of the wall plug usually hiding the corridors.
The console behind the teacher appeared for the first time in the season 3 episode "The Hunted" in the brig of the USS Enterprise-D.
"The Hunted"
No changes
This is the first time light blue PADDS are seen. The color usually denotes PADDS used in schools. Jake Sisko and Npg are, for example, often seen using these PADDs in early seasons of DS9. In the past, the only major color variation of this type of PADD were the red ones used by Geordi La Forge in engineering.
DS9: "The Nagus"
An HD close-up of the PADD.
The Temple of Kural-Hanesh is seen as a physical model, a drawing apparently made with red chalk (maybe evoking da Vinci's drawings) and an LCARS display graphic. The structure of the building, as depicted in the drawing and graphic, does not match. The temple and its drawings in HD.
The small octagonal frame next to Counselor Troi is seen in several later Star Trek episodes. It appears in the Voyager episode "Resolutions", for example, where Chakotay and Janeway take it with them to the planet they nickname "New Earth".
VOY: "Resolutions"
A close-up of the prop in HD.
A few more animated graphics of the SS Vico, added in post production, are seen in these screenshots. These graphics too were recreated for TNG-R. The outlines of the pod are no longer pixelated but smooth now. The dash between "NAR" and "18834" is missing.
The Temple of Kural-Hanesh looks different in the sequence that shows Data assembling the model at high speeds than in the two shots that show the finished model. The pillars holding the topmost plateau are different in the shots, for example. The small curved building blocks on the top plateau are also missing in the time-lapse footage. The temple model in HD.
The shot showing the USS Enterprise-D and the SS Vico seems strangely static. It is a freeze frame using the footage of the two ships seen earlier in the episode. The great shot in HD.
The same map of the black cluster seen on a monitor aboard the SS Vico is displayed on one of the observation lounge monitors here. The graphic in HD.
Though it can barely be made out in the original version of the episode, the label on Timothy's door reads "Guest Accommodations". Only in HD, we can see the misspelling as "Accomodations".
Among the objects seen in Data's quarters are the painting "A Woman Holding a Balance" by Vermeer, the Tyrinean blade carving, given to Data by Jenna D'Sora in "In Theory" and Data's Sherlock Holmes coat and hat, last seen in "Elementary, Dear Data". No changes
This shot of the USS Enterprise-D in the black cluster was originally created for "Redemption I", showing the ship in orbit of Qo'noS. It is reminiscent of a similar shot of the ship inside the "hole in space" created by Nagilum in "Where Silence Has Lease". While the 4-foot model was used for the shot in this episode, the 6-footer appeared in the earlier episode.
"Where Silence Has Lease"

"Redemption I"
The shot as it appears in TNG-R.
An animated section of the tactical console is seen here as Worf cannot establish a tactical lock. A better look at the LCARS console in HD.
Some of the alien and human letters were used in the children's play area in "The Child". The human letter is the same font as the TOS main titles. The alien letter (turned 90 degrees to the right since its last appearance) uses the same font as Bandi and Tkon writing in "Encounter at Farpoint" and "The Last Outpost" respectively.
"The Child"

"Encounter at Farpoint"
A look at the classroom in HD.

"The Last Outpost"
The same painting was seen in the teacher's room in "The Offspring". In that episode, the other half of the painting was seen.
"The Offspring"
The painting in HD.
The power cord of the desk console in the background can be seen dangling down in this screenshot. The cable is still visible in TNG-R.
The USS Enterprise-D moves deeper into the black cluster and its shield bubble becomes visible. The visual effects as they look in TNG-R.
One of the expanding spherical gravitational wavefronts encountered in this episode is seen on the main viewscreen of the USS Enterprise-D.
The USS Enterprise-D fires a phaser beam, which is refracted by the gravitational wavefront.
The USS Enterprise-D inside the black cluster. The footage of the ship has been seen in earlier episodes, usually when the Enterprise-D is in orbit of a planet, like in this shot from "A Matter of Time".
"A Matter of Time"
Data's analysis of the sensor data gathered by the SS Vico and the USS Enterprise-D is seen in these two screenshots. These graphics were recreated for TNG-R as well.
As the USS Enterprise-D lowers its shields, the gravitational wavefront dissolves. The sequence in TNG-R. The registry is still mirrored.
The USS Enterprise-D turns around and leaves the black cluster. This footage was originally created for "Yesterday's Enterprise". As can be seen, the footage was flipped for the re-use in this episode. Though only barely legible in SD, the registry on the dorsal side of the saucer section is clearly mirrored in this shot.
"Yesterday's Enterprise"

"Yesterday's Enterprise"

"Yesterday's Enterprise"

"Yesterday's Enterprise"

"Yesterday's Enterprise"
Similar colorful sculptures made from geometric shapes were also seen in the Starbase 515 foyer in "Samaritan Snare" and on Rutia IV in "The High Ground".
"Samaritan Snare"

"The High Ground"
No changes
The climbing frame in the classroom was likewise first seen in the children's play area in "The Child".
"The Child"
No changes


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