Observations in TNG: "Manhunt"

A joint project with TrekCore, by Jörg Hillebrand and Bernd Schneider

Here are some observations about sets, props and visual effects in TNG: "Manhunt" without a specific theme, and a comparison of the original TV release (TNG) with the remastered episode (TNG-R).

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Description TNG Other caps Comparison TNG to TNG-R Description TNG-R
Antede III previously appeared as the Selay homeworld in "Lonely Among Us" and Persephone V in "Too Short a Season".
Re-Used Planets in TNG
The planet in TNG-R is completely new and unlike those that appeared in TNG-R: Lonely Among Us" and TNG-R: "Too Short a Season".
The dress uniform has changed since it was last seen in "Coming of Age". It now features rank insignia and the gold braid is only restricted to the black material and no longer runs down the full length of the uniform.
Among Us"
No changes
Another shot of Antede III that appeared exactly like that in "Lonely Among Us". Another look at the new planet.
This is a shot of the corridor between the senior officers crew quarters and Ten Forward. There still is no proper door in the door frame. A screenshot from "Inheritance" reveals that a turbolift door will never be attached to this doorway. At least, a regular door label is in place in the 7th season episode.
No changes
Another cardboard square is very noticeable to the left of the engineering station. We can notice the cardboard in TNG-R too.
This bottle appeared again many years later, in the Enterprise episode "The Communicator".
ENT: "The
A close-up of the bottle in HD.
The Altairian brandy bottle is identical in design to the Ennan VI ale bottle seen in "Time Squared". The only difference is a floral pattern on the outside of the Ale bottle that the brandy bottle doesn't have. It shares some similarities with the Romulan Ale bottle seen in "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan". 

One thing is peculiar about the bottle, though: When Mr. Homn drinks the ale in one go, it can be seen that there seems to be a second cylinder in the bottle and that only the narrow space between the bottle and the interior cylinder is filled with the blue liquid. This was most likely done so Carel Struycken could drink the whole liquid faster and easier. The bottle of Ennan VI ale doesn't have that feature.

"Star Trek II"

"Time Squared"
A look at the bottle in HD.

Note that the scene in Lwaxana's quarters is very dark in TNG-R compared to the original.

"Time Squared"
This unwieldy fork is of the same design as the fork Guinan uses to stab Q in "Déjà Q". Cutlery of this type is usually used by the crew of the USS Enterprise-D at various dinners.
"Déjà Q"
A better look at the fork in HD.
The graphic of the co-orbital satellites. The graphic can be seen much better in HD.
The Betazoid gong appears again after "Haven". As can be seen, the round frame was replaced by a simpler, triangular one. Like this, the gong also appears on Taresia in "Favorite Son".

"Favorite Son"
A close-up of the gong in HD.

This scene too is very dark in HD. We had to apply considerable gamma correction to make details visible.

The screen cap from "The Icarus Factor" shows the same set from roughly the same angle when it is redressed as a corridor lounge. As can be seen, the large LCARS display is covered with a silver material to make it look like a regular wall panel.
"The Icarus
No changes
As can be seen, the holodeck controls have been changed slightly since "The Big Goodbye".
"The Big
We can recognize some more details in HD, but the display only shows random letter and number combinations.
The corridor leading to the holodeck, on the other hand, has looked the same since "The Icarus Factor".
"The Icarus
No changes
There are numerous differences between Dixon Hill's office in this episode and "The Big Goodbye". The rooms have a different layout, the windows have been changed and the set decoration is different, of course. One major difference are the doors between the corridor and Madeline's room and her room and Dixon Hill's office though. In "The Big Goodbye", the door from the corridor to Madeline's room was on the right side, next to two windows. The door from Madeline's room to Dixon Hill's office (labeled "private"), on the other hand, was in the middle, flanked by two windows. In "Manhunt", it is the other way around. The door in the corridor is at the center, flanked by two windows and the door to Dixon Hill's office proper is at the right side, next to three windows.

When the set is recreated one more time for "Clues", it is identical to its appearance in "Manhunt".

"The Big
No changes

"The Big
A newspaper in the Dixon Hill simulation. The newspaper is legible in HD now. 
A transparent dome on a tripod usually also appears in Riker's quarters.
"Up the Long
A close-up of the tripod in HD.
Footage from an old film was used when Dixon Hill looks through his office window. The footage is still the same in TNG-R.
"Genovese's flowers" is a nod to Cosmo Genovese, script supervisor on TNG. A close-up of the lettering in HD.
The effect of the opening eye of the Antedean was created in post production. The reconstructed effect in TNG-R.
The reflection of camera equipment can be seen in the display behind Lwaxana Troi. No changes
When Lwaxana Troi asks for the way to the holodeck, a partial deck plan of the USS Enterprise-D is seen. A close-up of the deck plan in HD.
The planet model of Pacifica appears only in this episode, although the planet shares some similarities with the Iconian probe seen in "Contagion".
It may look like we mixed up the screen caps, but the TNG-R version of the planet really is more blurred than in the original episode.


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