Observations in TNG: "Remember Me"

A joint project with TrekCore, by Jörg Hillebrand and Bernd Schneider

Here are some observations about sets, props and visual effects in TNG: "Remember Me" without a specific theme, and a comparison of the original TV release (TNG) with the remastered episode (TNG-R).

"Remember Me" HD Screencaps @ TrekCore

Description TNG Other caps Comparison TNG to TNG-R Description TNG-R
The footage of the USS Enterprise-D approaching Starbase 133 is a re-use of footage of the ship approaching Starbase 74, shot for "11001001". The starbase and planet footage was originally created for "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock", however.
"Star Trek III"

"11001001" HD
The same basic footage was recomposed for TNG-R. The color of the planet was switched to green to mark a difference.
The USS Enterprise-D enters the interior of Starbase 133 through large hangar doors. This footage also appeared in "11001001". Like in that episode, the footage of the ship is flipped, as evidenced by the registry on the ventral side of the saucer section. Unsurprisingly, the footage in HD is the same as in TNG-R: "11001001", including the flipped registry.
The transporter platform was modified between this episode and "Family" (filmed after "Remember Me", even though it was aired earlier in the season). The platforms are separated by much wider black strips now.
No changes
It seems Dr. Dalen Quaice's science division uniform was made from a different fabric than Dr. Crusher's uniform as the fabric has a different shade of blue. We can see a slight difference between the color-corrected shirts in TNG-R as well.
Similar cases as the one Dr. Quaice is carrying here have appeared in earlier episodes.
"The Bonding"

"Ménage à Troi"
An HD close-up of the case.
This matte painting of the USS Enterprise-D inside a starbase, including the small spacedock craft, also appeared in "11001001".
"11001001" HD
The matte painting too is the same as in TNG-R: "11001001".
The black PADD on the "pool table" is of the same design as several other first season PADDs. In the SD version of the episode, the colors of the PADD seem very washed out. In HD, the true colors of the PADD can be seen.
Only one small change made to the engineering set between seasons can be made out in this screenshot: One additional stripe of gray tape was added to the side of the small console in front of the plexiglass window.
"The High Ground"
This section of engineering as it appears in TNG-R.
A first look at Wesley's warp bubble experiment. This is one of the earliest cases in which the unit for subspace distortion, the Cochrane, can be seen on screen. The display in HD.
This shot of the USS Enterprise-D flying away from the starbase also appeared at the end of "11001001". The footage of the spacedock was originally created for "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock".
"Star Trek III"

"11001001" HD
Another look at the spacedock and the green planet in HD.
The couch in Dalen Quaice's guest quarters consists of segments of the large couch in Counselor Troi's office.
"The Loss"
No changes
This space painting, created by Rick Sternbach, was also often seen in Riker's quarters in the second season.
Space Art in Star Trek: The Next Generation

"Time Squared"
A good look at the painting in HD.
The side and top view of the USS Enterprise-D displayed on the bridge must have been changed between seasons. It appears much less pale and more yellow now.
"Tin Man"
No changes
A close-up of the warp bubble graphic seen in this episode. The comparison screenshot from "Where No One Has Gone before" shows what the graphic of a warp bubble looked like in the first season episode.
"Where No One Has Gone Before"
Another look at the display in HD.
A good look at sickbay as it looks in the fourth season. No changes
The medical cases on the left are stacked. When Beverly returns to sickbay a few minutes later, we can see they are arranged side by side. It seems that Wesley's static warp bubble doesn't only affect epople but also inanimate things.
A few minutes later
No changes
The waiting area in front of Doctor Crusher's office can be nicely seen in this screenshot. The painting, featuring various organs and starships named Enterprise, can be seen on the right, the sickbay replicator, added to the set for "Evolution", can be seen on the right. The bottom LCARS display of the replicator no longer features LCARS buttons, like it did in later seasons 3 episodes, but features a lighting stripe instead.
The waiting area as it looks in TNG-R.
Somehow, the upper lighting stripe of the replicator, which was turned off a few seconds earlier, is turned on now. No changes
This door leads to the medical lab. Whenever the set is actually used in an episode, the two windows in the door are see-through.
No changes
The corridor leading to main engineering is rarely seen this well on TNG. Two orange double doors can be seen to the left and right of the MSD. A better look in HD.
A good look at the aft part of main engineering in season 4. An HD shot of the pool table and MSD.
An empty bridge, as seen in this shot, rarely appears on TNG. The comparison screenshot from "Encounter at Farpoint" shows how the bridge has changed since season 1.
The Evolution of the Enterprise-D Bridge

"Encounter at Farpoint"
The rare shots of the bridge in HD.
A rare close look at the captain's chair. The comparison shot from "The Arsenal of Freedom" shows how different the chair looked in season 1.
"The Arsenal of Freedom"
Doctor Crusher is nearly sucked into the vortex. The reconstructed effect in the remastered episode.

Doctor Crusher has just left sickbay and is now looking into other rooms to see if she can find anybody. In this screenshot, she is actually looking into sickbay again. Possibly in order to hide that this is actually the sickbay set again, the biobed, which would normally be visible through the door, was removed for this shot.

The second door she looks into is the door leading to the waiting area in front of Crusher's office (the sickbay replicator can be made out to the right of the door). In order to hide that this is actually sickbay again, an orange door was added between the waiting area and main sickbay. No door is normally located here, as can be seen on the shot from earlier in the episode.

No changes
A nice look at the completely empty bridge as it appeared in season 4. Another great HD shot of the empty bridge.
A blue mist is seen on the main bridge viewscreen of the USS Enterprise-D. The viewscreen in the remastered episode.
This shot of the USS Enterprise-D approaching the starbase also previously appeared in "11001001". The footage of the planet, moon and spacedock was originally created for "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock".
"Star Trek III"

"11001001" HD
The moon remains unchanged in TNG-R.
A graphic of the universe, according to the Enterprise computer. These graphics were created from scratch for TNG-R. The Enterprise side view was replaced with a more detailed and more accurate image. The cross-section is more detailed too, but comprises too many decks. Ten Forward would be on deck 12 or 13 according to the new deck plan.
Several graphics showing how the USS Enterprise-D is slowly disintegrating.
The three-fingered hand of the Traveler can be seen in this screenshot. The screenshot from "Where No One Has Gone Before" shows what the hand looked like in the first season.
"Where No One Has Gone Before"
An HD close-up of the Traveler's hand.
Another rare look at the corridor leading to main engineering. A better look in HD.
Beverly uses the turbolift from the bridge down to engineering. The lights, however, indicate that the turbolift is going up. No changes
Wesley is really eager to save his mother (and Wil Wheaton really closed his eyes when filming this scene): When his hand moves down and he doesn't actually touch the LCARS buttons any more, the sound effect of a pressed button is heard nonetheless. The small blooper is also noticeable in TNG-R.
Both Wesley Crusher and the Traveler are slowly disappearing. The effect is similar to the one seen in "Where No One Has Gone Before".
"Where No One Has Gone Before"
The reconstructed fading effect in TNG-R.
The USS Enterprise disappears around Beverly Crusher. The reconstructed "vanishing in the mist" effect in TNG-R.
Doctor Crusher enters main engineering through a side door located close to the ladder to the second level of engineering. It seems the door is standing open here, as normally an orange door is located here. In season 1, the door still gave access to a turbolift.
"Encounter at Farpoint"

"Déjà Q"
No changes



Thanks to Christian of Star Trek HD for additional observations.


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