Observations in TNG: "The Outcast"

A joint project with TrekCore, by Jörg Hillebrand and Bernd Schneider

Here are some observations about sets, props and visual effects in TNG: "The Outcast" without a specific theme, and a comparison of the original TV release (TNG) with the remastered episode (TNG-R).

"The Outcast" HD Screencaps @ TrekCore

Description TNG Other caps Comparison TNG to TNG-R Description TNG-R
A shot of the Enterprise-D.
Enterprise Flybys in TNG and TNG-R
As the original footage of this shot was lost, the physical model footage of the USS Enterprise-D had to be replaced by a CG model of the ship.
The footage of the probe launch first appeared in "Where Silence Has Lease". Here, it can be seen much better, though.
"Where Silence Has Lease"
An HD close-up of the probe. The bridge is quite dark and noisy in this shot still in TNG-R.
The USS Enterprise-D in orbit of the J'naii homeworld. The planet was re-used numerous times, it first appeared as Delta Rana IV in "The Survivors".
Re-Used Planets in TNG
The planet is a newly created CG model in TNG-R.
The J'naii console is usually seen as a Starfleet console and first appeared in Dr. Ira Graves's lab in "The Schizoid Man". For the re-use in this episode, the small console on the right was removed. The animated graphics seen in the three screenshots were added in post production, while the green and blue J'naii symbols "framing" the central monitor were a practical effect on set.
Consoles Built for Star Trek

"Booby Trap"
The displays, including the J'naii script, was newly created for TNG-R. The graphic of the galaxy (second cap) was improved. Originally an elliptic cut-out with too sharp borders, the new graphic has smooth edges.
This is the first time the full-sized mock-up of the new Type-6 shuttle, first seen in "Darmok", appears in the shuttlebay. With the new shuttle, people can actually be seen entering the shuttle, something which was impossible with the previous Type-7 shuttle. The shuttle in HD.
After several orthographic views of the Type-15 shuttlepod were seen on a shuttle monitor in "In Theory", similar graphics of the Type-6 shuttle are seen here.
"In Theory"
The graphics were newly created for TNG-R, but the shuttle is still rather crude CGI as in the original episode.

"In Theory"

"In Theory"
The female flirting crewmember in this scene wears Rishon Uxbridge's costume from "The Survivors".
"The Survivors"
No changes
This is the only shot of the shuttle which was re-used from "Darmok". In that episode, the Tamarian ship was part of the shot.
The shuttle as it appears in TNG-R.
The comparison screenshot from "Darmok" shows that the shuttle cockpit appears virtually unchanged. In this episode, however, the aft section of the shuttle is finally seen while in "Darmok" a wall, which can partially be seen here, separated the cockpit and the aft section.
No changes
The shuttle fires a phaser beam from a phaser emitter on its starboard nacelle. The reconstructed effect in TNG-R.
These two graphics help to visualize the border of null space. The reconstructed graphics in TNG-R.
The inner workings of the shuttle nacelle are partially exposed by its contact with null space. The interior of the shuttlepod were similarly exposed in the season 4 episode "In Theory".
"In Theory"
The effect was newly created for TNG-R but is very close to the original.
Ever since the beginning of the 5th season, Data's quarters feature the painting "A Woman Holding A Balance", seen behind Worf here. Another recent feature of Data's quarters is the hat stand with his Sherlock Holmes outfit also seen in this screenshot. A good look at the picture in HD.
The isolinear circuitry of the cockpit controls is exposed when Soren and Riker modify the shuttle for their trip into null space. No changes
Thanks to the new Type-6 shuttle exterior, shots like this, showing shuttle with an opened aft hatch in the shuttlebay, are possible. The shuttle interior in HD.
The shuttle flies into null space. The reconstructed effect in TNG-R.
The aft section of the type 6 shuttle can fully be seen in this screenshot. The set was modified only slightly over the course of the series and in Star Trek Voyager. The shuttle interior in HD.
The J'naii shuttle Taris Murn is seen through the cockpit window, drifting in null space. The model is a re-use of the Nenebek, created for "Final Mission" and seems virtually unchanged.
Redresses of the Nenebek

"Final Mission"

"Final Mission"
An HD close-up of the shuttle.
A last look at the Type-6 shuttle Magellan inside null space before it explodes. An HD close-up of the shuttle.
Benches like this were also seen in the genome colony on Moab IV in "The Masterpiece Society".
"The Masterpiece Society"
No changes
Deanna Troi looks at belongings of her father's ancestors. Jack Crusher's belongings from his time on the USS Stargazer were delivered to Beverly Crusher in a similar box in "Family".
The shot in HD.
A J'naii logo appears both as a graphic and a metallic sculpture in this episode. The sculpture would later be seen in Major Rakal's quarters aboard the Romulan Warbird Khazara in "Face of the Enemy".
J'naii emblem

"Face of the Enemy"
We can recognize the sculpture better in HD.
Several of the costumes worn by the J'naii in the background later appeared in later Star Trek episodes, usually in the background as well. An alien woman is wearing one of the costumes in the Enterprise pilot episode "Broken Bow", for example.
"Broken Bow"
No changes
Another look at the J'naii homeworld. Another look at the new planet.
The J'naii logo can be seen a little better in this screenshot. The logo in HD.
The Constellation class model in Picard's ready room can be seen very well in this screenshot. The ship model in HD.
The Starfleet binoculars were re-used many years later in the Deep Space 9 episode "The Siege of AR-558". While the prop appears to be unchanged, the view through the binoculars is different.
"The Siege of AR-558"
HD close-ups of the binoculars.

"The Siege of AR-558"

"The Siege of AR-558"
The J'naii logo can also be partially be seen outside the building on the J'naii homeworld. The garden and building (with the logo) in HD.
A final look at the USS Enterprise-D in orbit of the J'naii homeworld. A final look at the new planet.


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