Mission Eberswalde

Our visit to the 1701 Museum

Our away team (Anke, Florian and Jan from the Memory Alpha Podcast, plus Thorsten and Bernd) visited the 1701 Museum in Eberswalde on May 19, 2024. The museum was created by Benjamin Stöwe in 2009 and presents countless props and other Star Trek memorabilia on 17.01(!) square meters. It opens on only a few days every year, so we were lucky to get admitted. Benjamin is also known to German-speaking fans as the voice of Dr. Culber on Discovery.

Here are some impressions from our tour. There is so much to see despite the small floor area that we could have spent the whole day in the museum. Thanks so much to our host Benjamin for making this possible!


Raumschiff Eberswalde
with two awesome virtual tours of the 1701 Museum


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