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Here are a number of videos in which Bernd or Jörg appear and talk about EAS, as well as about various Trek-related topics. Thanks to our hosts, who made this possible!


Memory Alpha Podcast

Florian and Jan are the founders of the German version of Memory Alpha. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary in 2023, they launched a video series, in the course of which they interviewed Dan and Harry (founders of the English Memory Alpha), Benjamin Stöwe (creator of the 1701 Museum and German voice of Hugh Culber), Jörg Hillebrand (Trek research assistant and creator of many EAS article series), Bernd Schneider (EAS founder), and several more people of the Trek fan community.

Star Trek Expert Jörg Hillebrand

Jan and Florian talk with Jörg Hillebrand about how he became a fan, about his research for EAS and Memory Alpha, about other Star Trek references, about props and models and about his work as a research assistant for Star Trek Picard.

Star Trek Expert Jörg Hillebrand

Talk with Jörg and Benjamin

In this video playlist, Jan and Florian talk with Jörg Hillebrand and also with Benjamin Stöwe of the 1701 Museum aka Raumschiff Eberswalde. We learn about surprising encounters, how it is to be a Star Trek teacher and which positive impact Star Trek has on daily lives.

Memory Alpha 20 mit Jörg und Benjamin (deutsch)
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Star Trek Fan Fiction and Databases

Andy Poulastides of the Wolf 359 Project, Bernd Schneider of EAS and former Memory Alpha admin Alex aka Shisma discuss their projects, the development of the online fandom, the evolution of Trek databases and starship-related stuff.

Star Trek Fan Fiction and Databases

The Future of Star Trek

After talking about how EAS came to pass and how Jörg got in touch with Bernd, we are joined by Tanja, Daniela, Boris and Arne of the podcast Vier unter Deck. We discuss the history and the latest developments of the franchise and our hopes for the future.

Die Zukunft von Star Trek (deutsch)


Trek Time

Trek Time is a podcast that initially focused on Star Trek Timelines but covers a wider range of Trek-related topics by now.

2024 Trek Time Charity Show

Jörg and Bernd join the annual Trek Time charity show in 2024 for an interview with hosts Alex and Finn. We talk about how we became fans, what we love about Trek, how EAS was created and how Jörg became an official research assistant for Star Trek Picard.

Interview with Ex Astris Scientia (Bernd Schneider and Jörg Hillebrand)


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