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Star Trek Picard Ships


Note Some names and registries on the Star Trek Online renderings are non-canon.


Lower Decks Ships


Other Starfleet Ships


Future Ships


Note Renderings labeled "Enterprise-J" on various websites are actually of a different ship with the same saucer and a triangular secondary hull. This other design (depicted in the Ships of the Line calendar) is non-canon.


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Some of the pictures from, Maurice Molyneaux, TrekCore, Igor Marić, Dávid Metlesits, Doug Drexler, Alexander DeLarge and Kris Olinger. Special thanks to Admiral Horton and to Chris G. aka RavenCWG for rendering many CG models. The PDF archive of the Eaglemoss Official Starships Collection is hosted at the Starship Schematics Database. Special thanks to Pundus for the kind support!


Designing the Equinox
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