Planet Classification

This list comprises all planet classes and all individual planets of each class that were shown or mentioned on screen. Exception: For Class M, there are just a number of examples from a total of probably over a hundred planets.

I am aware that the classification system has been consistently supplemented in the book Star Trek Star Charts by Geoffrey Mandel to include several more letters, but that is non-canon.


List of Canon Planet Classes

Class Name and annotations Episode Image
Class D Regula, "a few unremarkable ores... a great rock in space" "Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan"
Planet with ring system VOY: "Emanations"
Hot, arid, rocky planet VOY: "Gravity"
Weytahn/Paan Mokar, "uninhabitable" ENT: "Cease Fire"
Class H Tau Cygna V, considered uninhabitable for humans because of hyperonic radiation TNG: "The Ensigns of Command"
Planet with oxygen/argon atmosphere VOY: "Scorpion, Part II"
Class J Gas giant DS9: "Starship Down"
Two gas giants in the Laap system, one of which was erroneously drawn to share its orbit with a Class-M planet LOW: "First First Contact"
Class K Adaptable for humanoid life with pressure domes TOS: "I, Mudd"
Theta VIII, "Class-K transjovian planet" TNG: "The Royale"
Class L Indri VIII, "covered by deciduous vegetation, unexplored, with no apparent evidence of civilizations, either present or past" TNG: "The Chase"
Briori planet, now New Earth, oxygen/argon atmosphere VOY: "The 37's"
Cold planet, "barely habitable" DS9: "The Ascent"
"Barely breathable atmosphere" with excess carbon dioxide DS9: "The Sound of Her Voice"
Crash site of USS Voyager in alternate timeline VOY: "Timeless"
Kelis's homeworld VOY: "Muse"
Planet with atmosphere ENT: "Bounty"
Kaijur XII, inhabited planet with a food shortage DIS: "Scavengers"
Kokytos, uninhabited ice moon in orbit of Theta Helios DIS: "All Is Possible"
Prospect VII, "very barren, harsh climate" SNW: "Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach"
Valeo Beta V, ice planet with heavy storms SNW: "All Those Who Wander"
Class M
Oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere (countless episodes)
Earth TNG: "Conspiracy" and many more
Organia TOS: "Errand of Mercy"
Sarpeidon TOS: "All Our Yesterdays"
Edo planet TNG: "Justice"
Alpha Onias III, "our survey teams have listed it as barren and inhospitable" TNG: "Future Imperfect"
Lambda Paz, moon of Pentarus III, "barely Class M" TNG: "Final Mission"
"Planet Hell", "high amino acid and protein readings... EM disturbances all over the atmosphere" VOY: "Parturition"
Vulcan designation: Minshara Class ENT: "Strange New World"
Class N No planets mentioned or shown, existence can be inferred from three LCARS displays in two TNG-R episodes TNG-R: "Night Terrors", "Inheritance"
Class R No planets mentioned or shown, existence can be inferred from LCARS display in TNG-R TNG-R: "Night Terrors"
Class T Gas giant with ring system VOY: "Good Shepherd"
Class Y
Class nickname: Demon Class
Toxic atmosphere with thermionic radiation, surface temperatures over 500K VOY: "Demon"
Ord'Mirit planet, identified as possible new home by "Silver Blood" crew VOY: "Course: Oblivion"
Ha'Dara, "Toxic atmosphere, sulphuric deserts, no trees, no life at all" VOY: "Flesh and Blood"
Dilithium planet(oid), origin of the Burn, flooded with all kinds of radiation DIS: "Su'Kal"
Class 9
Pre-Federation classification. Out of the four gas giants in the Sol system, none are Class 9.
Klingon designation: K'Tal Class ENT: "Sleeping Dogs"


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Some screen caps from TrekCore. Data taken from the Star Trek Encyclopedia III, the Star Trek Archive, Chakoteya and Memory Alpha. Thanks to Googolplex for a hint about another Class-L planet.


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