Re-Used Make-ups in VOY: "Tsunkatse"

by Jörg Hillebrand and Bernd Schneider

There is probably no other occasion in Star Trek Voyager that shows us as many different alien races as the spectators in VOY: "Tsunkatse".

The Tsunkatse games take place on the Norcadian homeworld, or that is what the people think who come there to watch them. The actual arena is located on a ship and transmitted to a holographic projector on the homeworld. Besides the crew of Voyager we can see several members of Penk's race with two characteristic forehead bulges. They are among his aides as well as in the audience. Though never explicitly mentioned, these were obviously meant to be the Norcadians at the time "Tsunkatse" was being produced, although it will be unmistakably stated in two later episodes that actually Mezoti is Norcadian.



Most of the spectators belong to various other alien races. And it seems none of their make-ups is new. The following images depict and identify most of the alien visitors that can be seen in the episode.

Collage #1

Here we can see the following alien make-ups:

Collage #2

This collage allows to identify the following additional alien make-ups:

Collage #3

This one depicts still more alien make-ups:

Collage #4

This collage has one more alien make-up:



So we have seen almost all of the spectators before, many of them tens of thousands of light years away in the Delta Quadrant or even in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. It is clear that none of these could possibly attend the Tsunkatse show on the Norcadian homeworld, unless they had advanced propulsion systems such as the Voth or the Ankari. But even though we might be able to explain away the presence of single races that normally shouldn't be there, there is no way to justify their amassment. Ultimately we were are supposed to perceive the audience as a colorful bunch of aliens, and not as members of particular known races.


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