Re-Used Props - Badges & Jewelry

by Jörg Hillebrand and Bernd Schneider

Official Badges and EmblemsBrooches and Other Jewelry


Many props of Star Trek were later modified or even recycled without changes for a different purpose or another civilization. Here are quite a few examples of badges and jewelry. Please note that every statement made here should be taken with a grain of salt. There is no need to seek for explanations. Certainly we are not supposed to watch closely enough to notice that galactic fashion is not as diverse as it should be.


Official Badges and Emblems


The Mirror Universe admiral's rank sign in ENT: "In A Mirror, Darkly" consists of the same kind of chevrons that can be seen on Kor's sash as soon as in TOS: "Errand of Mercy".

Admiral's pips

The rank sign of Admiral Quinn in TNG: "Conspiracy" later appears on Haritath's coat in TNG: "The Ensigns of Command".

Postatomic emblem

The emblem of the soldiers of the "Postatomic Horror" from TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint" can be seen as a part of the Romulan uniform in TNG: "Contagion" and as an emblem of Peliar Zel in TNG: "The Host". It also appears on the Kressari uniform in DS9: "The Circle", besides the Rutian plastic rectangles (see below).

Mordan IV rank insignia

The Tandaran military uses the same rank insignia as on Mordan IV. The chevrons are differently assembled but clearly the same basic element.

Acamarian sash and necklace

A chain sash worn by the Acamarian leader Marouk in TNG: "The Vengeance Factor" reappears as a Ferengi sash in DS9: "Q-Less". The Ferengi also wears an Acamarian-style necklace.

Angosian emblem

The Angosian badge from TNG: "The Hunted" was simply turned by -90° to act as the Hierarchy emblem on Star Trek Voyager. Members of Arctus Baran's crew such as Tallera wear a smaller version of the Angosian emblem on their sleeves in TNG: "Gambit", which reappears on the Hierarchy uniforms of lower ranks.

Rutian emblem

The Rutian badge from TNG: "The High Ground", composed of a number of rectangular semitransparent plastic parts, reappeared on the Boslic Jaheel's uniform, on the Delta Quadrant aliens from VOY: "Latent Image" as well as on Assan's racing overall. In DS9: "The Circle" the Kressari is wearing both emblems, the plastic rectangles and the postatomic triangle (see above). Note that on the depicted auction item the central metal piece of the plastic emblem is missing.

Kes emblem

We can see a pointed emblem on the Kes clothing in TNG: "Attached". The same emblem can be found on the uniforms of the New Sydney police in DS9: "Prodigal Daughter".

Terrorist communicator

The terrorists in TNG: "Starship Mine" had communicators with a stylized depiction of a reptile. This characteristic device was re-used for the Mari and for the Ledosian badge on Star Trek Voyager.

Sanctuary District emblem

The Sanctuary District authority in 21st century San Francisco (DS9: "Past Tense") is using a black&white emblem composed of a stylized eagle and a seven-pointed star with the city emblem. The logo was re-used for the shoulder patches of the Mari security in VOY: "Random Thoughts", now in black and red. The Mari seem to recycle just everything they find in the Alpha Quadrant ;-).

Sanctuary District police emblem

A typical star emblem like of many police forces on Earth signifies the police of the Sanctuary District (DS9: "Past Tense"). It is actually just a part of the above full Sanctuary District emblem in color. The Tandaran military is using an identical patch (ENT: "Detained"). The city emblem of San Francisco seems to have been obscured in the Tandaran version though.

Red Squad pin

The Red Squad emblem appears quite prominently in DS9: "Paradise Lost" and "Valiant". The Enolian security in ENT: "Canamar" is using the pin in blue.

Ilari collar

While she is possessed by the consciousness of the Ilari dictator Tieran in VOY: "Warlord", Kes wears a collar with what appears to be an Ilari emblem. We can see the same collar in ENT: "Borderland", now around the neck of Orion slaver.

Enaran brooch

An Enaran brooch seen in VOY: "Remember" is also used by the Lurian security (here slightly modified) in DS9: "Who Mourns for Morn" and by the Tarkaleans in ENT: "Regeneration".

Enaran emblem

The Enaran emblem from VOY: "Remember" reappears as an Annari symbol in VOY: "Nightingale". Even the Annari uniform is exactly the same.

House of Mogh emblem

Worf is wearing the emblem of the House of Mogh until DS9: "Soldiers of the Empire" when he becomes a member of the (at this time more honorable) House of Martok. The Illyrians in ENT: "Damage" have the same emblem on their uniforms, although it is rather unlikely that one of Worf's ancestors adopted them. ;-)


Brooches and Other Jewelry

Eminiaran brooch

A brooch worn by Mea 3 in TOS: "A Taste of Armageddon" reappears on Jaris's jacket in TOS: "Wolf in the Fold".

Toff's brooch

In TNG: "Half a Life" Lwaxana Troi is wearing the same brooch as previously Kivas Fajo's associate Toff in TNG: "The Most Toys".


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Some screen caps from TrekCore. Thanks to Francis Scofield, who found the re-use of the Acamarian sash, and to Kuro-chan, who spotted Kor's chevrons in "In a Mirror, Darkly".


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