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The hierarchy of disagreement, according to Paul Graham


1 Thou shalt not attack thy opponent's character, but the argument (ad hominem). "You rant about this show because you're a gatekeeper and don't want others to enjoy it."
2 Thou shalt not misrepresent or exaggerate a person's argument to make it easier to attack (strawman). "You want TV to look like in the 1960's, with cardboard sets and mustached Klingons."
3 Thou shalt not use small numbers to represent the all (hasty generalization). "I watched the pilot episode, and it was awful. I won't need to see the rest. It's a bad show."
4 Thou shalt not claim that because of previous errors, new ones are acceptable (two wrongs make a right). "Canon is irrelevant because it has been violated before in the franchise."
5 Thou shalt not appeal to purity to dismiss thy opponent's argument (true Scotsman). "No true fan is happy with the latest developments in the franchise."
6 Thou shalt not reduce the argument down to two possibilities (false dichotomy). "You're either 100% positive about everything in the franchise, or you're a hater."
7 Thou shalt not erect unrealistic hurdles for thy opponent's argument (appeal to accomplishment). "If you think you know so much about TV shows, create a better one or shut up!"
8 Thou shalt not lay the burden of proof onto him that is questioning the claim (burden of proof reversal). "Redesigns were made for legal reasons. Prove that it's just a creative decision."
9 Thou shalt not assume "this" follows "that" when there is no logical connection (non sequitur). "The show ignores canon facts, therefore it isn't a canon show."
10 Thou shalt not argue that because a premise is popular, therefore it is true (bandwagon fallacy). "Your statement that the show sucks is wrong. Everyone else gives it rave reviews."

The "Ten Commandments of Logic"


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