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Welcome to EAS! I hope that you could find or will find the Trek stuff that you are looking for. If you would like to know more about this website, here are several links that will probably answer all your questions.


Site Information

Introduction to EAS - site info in a nutshell, my motivation and viewing requirements

EAS Site History - milestones of EAS and former layouts, reconstruction of original site (1998)

25th Anniversary of EAS - remembering the 1990's and a message to the visitors

Site Projects - information about planned or ongoing projects (new content or technical improvements)

Site Statistics - about the EAS network and how many people come to this site

Legal Terms - some necessary legalese and netiquette

Disqus Commenting Rules - rules for the embedded commenting system

Sources - printed publications used in the creation of this site

Acknowledgements - people to whom I owe my gratitude



FAQ - 99% of all questions about EAS are answered here. Really.

Abramsverse FAQ - special FAQ for all questions on the reboot movies and the new continuity

Discoverse FAQ - special FAQ for all questions about the EAS policy on DIS and SNW

Contact - Use the contact form or go to my Guestbook to drop me a few lines.

EAS News Feed - how to receive regular EAS site updates and let other fans know about it



The dedication plaque was originally drawn by FuryofaSeraph.


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