Andor Class (2322)



The relatively small freighters of the Andor class are employed for transport purposes in the Federation territory. Moreover, they have a small medical and technical crew on board to assist other ships in case of an emergency. The Andor class is equipped with two phaser arrays and a tractor beam emitter. Unlike most other starships of the Federation these ships are usually permanently assigned to a starbase or planet. Some ships of the Andor class now serve for other Federation institutions. In Starfleet the latter ships were replaced by more recent designs as e.g. the Vladivostok class.





Class specifications
Ship type: Transport
Length: 135m
Width: 120m
Height: 22m
Crew complement: 36
Max. speed: Warp 6.8
Commissioned ships
USS Andor NCC-25119
USS Nomad NCC-25120
USS Hudson Bay NCC-25121
USS Capetown NCC-25122
USS Oxford NCC-25134
USS Kepler NCC-26220
USS Hispaniola NCC-26351
USS Artemis NCC-26958
USS North Sea NCC-26959
USS Namib NCC-27562
USS Kabul NCC-29114
USS Antares NCC-29136
USS Jaguar NCC-32666
USS Mandela NCC-32693
USS Chaco NCC-33652
USS Koenigsberg NCC-34081
USS Persephone NCC-34114
USS Cumbria NCC-39639
USS Baltic Sea NCC-39640
USS Red Sea NCC-39641
USS Luxor NCC-39642
USS Butterfly NCC-40172
USS Varna NCC-41006
USS Cestus NCC-41865


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