Caesar Class (2351)



The Caesar class was developed as a novel type of research ships with the design objectives to replace the outdated and too small Oberth-class and Newton-class surveyors and also to take over some of the tasks of the larger Excelsior and Ambassador classes. Starfleet often regarded it as a waste of material and personnel when a large cruiser was sent to examine a region of space or a certain phenomenon for which a small science vessel would have been sufficient. The Caesar class has the smallest command, security and engineering overhead of all science ships so far and is exactly the ship type the scientific branch of Starfleet has been demanding from Starfleet Command for decades. The possible separation of the ship extends its possible range of research missions. The detachable saucer section is capable of entering the upper atmosphere of a gas giant and is equipped with independent and redundant sensor systems. The Caesar class employs modified versions of the Mediterranean-class warp nacelles, shortened by two sets of coils. The armament of the ships is moderate. There are two combined torpedo/probe launchers and seven type-7 phaser emitters. When the huge and advanced Nebula class and Galaxy class were introduced in the 2360's, many ships of medium size e.g. of the Excelsior and Miranda classes with extensive scientific equipment were withdrawn from heavy duty and became available for specialized scientific research missions. Thus, the scheduled series production of the Caesar class became dispensable and only 17 were built - considering that there was never a lack of personnel to hire for exploratory missions on the large ships. It is possible that after many Miranda class ships have been destroyed in the Dominion War and the last remaining ships will prospectively be retired in 2380, construction of the Caesar class will continue, probably with enhanced sensor and weapon systems. Since the design is already 25 years old, there may be further upgrades, also to power and propulsion.





Class specifications
Ship type: Research vessel
Length: 212m
Width: 75m
Height: 48m
Crew complement: 67
Max. speed: Warp 7.5
Commissioned ships
USS Caesar NCC-56636
USS Queen Elizabeth NCC-57036
USS Shogun NCC-57598
USS Einstein NCC-57873
USS Kitty Hawk NCC-57890
USS Gamov NCC-57891
USS Hawking NCC-57892
USS Alcubierre NCC-57893
USS Jules Verne NCC-58672
USS Dolphin NCC-62768
USS Helena NCC-68775
USS Curie NCC-68776
USS Okazaki NCC-68777
USS Parallax NCC-69115
USS De Broglie NCC-69116
USS Fermi NCC-69117
USS Heisenberg NCC-69118



Thanks to Lennier for his 3D model.


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