Newton Class (2309)



Although a large number of Oberth-class ships were already in service at the beginning of the 24th century, Starfleet and other science institutions of the Federation still had a need for research vessels. The Newton class is somewhat larger, however, it has a simpler and more conventional basic structure. For self defense, the ships are equipped with two phaser arrays. Over a long period of over 30 years, both classes were built in parallel. In the 2330's Starfleet started a substantial refitting program for Oberth class ships. Eventually, this was the incentive to continue construction of upgraded Oberth-class ships instead of the Newton class, but only until 2350. About half of the Newton-class ships are still in active service in Starfleet or other Federation institutions, other starships were sold to civilians as transport vessels, after the labs and sensors had been removed. The remaining ships will be replaced by the modern Nova class soon.





Class specifications
Ship type: Research vessel
Length: 151m
Width: 116m
Height: 38m
Crew complement: 61
Max. speed: Warp 7.8
Commissioned ships
USS Newton NCC-6030
USS Asimov NCC-7144
USS Faraday NCC-7145
USS Gauss NCC-7146
USS Armstrong NCC-7147
USS Pascal NCC-8900
USS Nansen NCC-8901
USS Heron NCC-8902
USS Robert Scott NCC-8903
USS Zeppelin NCC-9872
USS Piccard NCC-9873
USS Lovell NCC-9874
USS Livingstone NCC-10682
USS Montgolfier NCC-10683
USS Gagarin NCC-10684
USS Bardeen NCC-15823
USS Pythagoras NCC-17178
USS Watt NCC-17665
USS Wernher von Braun NCC-17666
USS Hertz NCC-18223
USS Darwin NCC-18224
USS Planck NCC-21507
USS Sakharov NCC-21508
USS Copernicus NCC-21509
USS Lilienthal NCC-21510
USS Wright NCC-35337
USS Stevenson NCC-35338
USS Bell NCC-35339


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