Eagle Class (modified, 2362)



For specialized transports and for the defense of colonies and outposts in the border regions a number of carrier ships was required. Eight Eagle-class ships were taken out of the normal production flow and especially modified for this purpose. The main difference is that the sensor module and most of the scientific labs were omitted. Voluminous shuttlebays were installed instead that can hold up to 50 shuttles or 30 small fighters. The auxiliary spacecraft was replaced with a photon torpedo launcher, considering that the pod with the standard launchers had been removed. The eight starships of the modified Eagle class were built simultaneously to the original design. After the battle of Wolf 359 and the peace treaty with the Cardassians Starfleet decided not to continue production of this subclass. However, because of the Dominion War the situation has changed, and it can be expected that more starships are going to be built. After the good experiences with fighter attacks against the Jem'Hadar and especially the Cardassian fleet, this Eagle subclass may become a backbone of Starfleet's tactical operations, together with the Akira, Defiant and possibly the Prometheus. Starfleet will probably refer to them as the Idaho class.





Class specifications
Ship type: Heavy cruiser
Length: 362m
Width: 263m
Height: 83m
Crew complement: 403
Max. speed: Warp 9.65
Commissioned ships
USS Idaho NCC-70556
USS Cherokee NCC-70573
USS Triton NCC-70574
USS Forrestal NCC-70982
USS Nebraska NCC-70983
USS Niedersachsen NCC-70984
USS Ogaden NCC-70985
USS Romanov NCC-72229



Thanks to Will Harless for his drawing.


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