Eagle Class (2361)



The Eagle class is a parallel development to the Buenos Aires class and is also classified as a heavy cruiser. Saucer and warp drives of the two ship types are essentially identical, including the impulse-powered auxiliary craft ("boat"). Eagle-class ships are lighter and more versatile. Nevertheless, already in their basic configuration they feature recent sensor and weapons technology as well as extensive scientific laboratories. In addition to the standard equipment the ships can be supplemented with different sensor and weapon modules which are compatible with the Pacifica class. Most of the Eagle-class ships are currently equipped with a combined photon torpedo and long-range sensor pod. The original operation area was mainly well inside Federation space. During the Dominion War, almost all ships of the fast but moderately armed class were ordered to the Tholian and Talarian borders, where they successfully prevented incursions, largely without the support of other ships. Considering the recently necessary rearmament of Starfleet, it is expected that Akira-class starships will be the preferred design in the future, although Eagle-class starships fulfill all requirements. Contracts for the production twelve more ships of the class had been signed just prior to the Dominion War. It is possible that they will be built as modified Eagle variants.





Class specifications
Ship type: Heavy cruiser
Length: 362m
Width: 263m
Height: 96m
Crew complement: 432
Max. speed: Warp 9.65
Commissioned ships
USS Eagle NCC-69782
USS Pax NCC-69783
USS Liberty NCC-69796
USS Castor NCC-69847
USS Pollux NCC-69848
USS Krechet NCC-70253
USS Providence NCC-70254
USS Discovery NCC-73078
USS Flagstaff NCC-73079
USS Siegfried NCC-73080
USS Kennedy NCC-73609
USS Sahara NCC-73610
USS Hudson NCC-73611



Thanks to Will Harless for his drawing.


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