Himalaya Class (modified, 2357)



The five starships of the second series of the Himalaya class are equipped with a significantly improved warp drive which is based on the system used in the Nebula class. The modified ships can easily be distinguished from their predecessors by their different warp nacelles. The nacelle type was newly developed for the Himalaya class. Another change is that the photon torpedo tubes were moved to the saucer underside, and that the second shuttlebay in the engineering hull undercut was omitted in favor of an enlarged main shuttlebay in the saucer. Moreover, the ships were commissioned with improved phaser arrays and a second generation holodeck. Fabrication of Himalaya-class ships was discontinued, since more powerful explorers such as the Galaxy and Nebula classes were disposable in the 2360's and also a large number of Buenos Aires class ships was already in service.





Class specifications
Ship type: Heavy cruiser
Length: 530m
Width: 305m
Height: 105m
Crew complement: 568
Max. speed: Warp 9.4
Commissioned ships
USS Texas NCC-65110
USS Jefferies NCC-66734
USS Ariel NCC-66735
USS Stockholm NCC-68599
USS Senator NCC-69862


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